bhīma-karmā one who performs herculean tasks; BG 1.15
karma-bandham bondage of reaction; BG 2.39
janma-karma-phala-pradām resulting in good birth and other fruitive reactions; BG 2.42-43
karma-phala in the result of the work; BG 2.47
karma activity; BG 2.49
karma-jam due to fruitive activities; BG 2.51
karma-yogena by the linking process of devotion; BG 3.3
karma work; BG 3.5
karma-indriyāṇi the five working sense organs; BG 3.6
karma-indriyaiḥ by the active sense organs; BG 3.7
karma-yogam devotion; BG 3.7
karma duties; BG 3.8
karma work; BG 3.8
karma-bandhanaḥ bondage by work; BG 3.9
karma work; BG 3.9
karma prescribed duties; BG 3.14
karma work; BG 3.15
karma work; BG 3.19
karma work; BG 3.19
karma prescribed duties; BG 3.24
karma-sańginām who are attached to fruitive work; BG 3.26
guṇa-karma of works under material influence; BG 3.28
karma work; BG 4.9
karma-jā from fruitive work; BG 4.12
karma and work; BG 4.13
karma-phale in fruitive action; BG 4.14
karma work; BG 4.15
karma prescribed duty; BG 4.15
karma action; BG 4.16
karma work; BG 4.16
karma fruitive action; BG 4.18
kṛtsna-karma-kṛt although engaged in all activities; BG 4.18
karma-phala-āsańgam attachment for fruitive results; BG 4.20
karma work; BG 4.21
karma work; BG 4.23
karma in activities; BG 4.24
karma-jān born of work; BG 4.32
karma activities; BG 4.33
karma-yogaḥ work in devotion; BG 5.2
karma-sannyāsāt in comparison to the renunciation of fruitive work; BG 5.2
karma-yogaḥ work in devotion; BG 5.2
karma actions; BG 5.11
karma-phalam the results of all activities; BG 5.12
karma-phala with the results of activities; BG 5.14
karma-phalam of the result of work; BG 6.1
karma work; BG 6.1
karma work; BG 6.3
karma activities; BG 7.29
karma fruitive activities; BG 8.1
karma fruitive activities; BG 8.3
karma of work; BG 9.28
mat-karma-kṛt engaged in doing My work; BG 11.55
mat-karma My work; BG 12.10
sarva-karma of all activities; BG 12.11
karma-phala-tyāgaḥ renunciation of the results of fruitive action; BG 12.12
karma-yogena by activities without fruitive desire; BG 13.25
karma-sańgena by association with fruitive activity; BG 14.7
karma-sańgiṣu in the association of those engaged in fruitive activities; BG 14.15
karma to work; BG 15.2
karma work; BG 16.24
karma work; BG 17.26-27
karma activities; BG 18.2
karma work; BG 18.3
karma works; BG 18.3
karma activity; BG 18.5
karma work; BG 18.8
karma work; BG 18.9
karma work; BG 18.10
karma of work; BG 18.11
karma work; BG 18.15
karma of work; BG 18.18
karma the work; BG 18.18
karma of work; BG 18.18
karma work; BG 18.19
karma action; BG 18.23
karma work; BG 18.24
karma work; BG 18.25
karma-phala the fruit of the work; BG 18.27
karma duty; BG 18.42
karma duty; BG 18.43
karma duty; BG 18.44
karma duty; BG 18.44
sva-karma in his own duty; BG 18.45
karma work; BG 18.47
karma work; BG 18.48
karma reactionary work; SB 1.2.15
karma śuddham purification of work; SB 1.4.19
karma in activities; SB 1.4.25
karma fruitive work; SB 1.5.12
karma one's prescribed activities; SB 1.5.32
karma work; SB 1.5.35
karma work; SB 1.6.1
karma fruitive work; SB 1.6.28
karma activities; SB 1.6.36
karma activities; SB 1.7.12
karma act; SB 1.7.13-14
karma activities; SB 1.7.42
karma activity; SB 1.8.30
karma action; SB 1.13.46
karma action; SB 1.14.43
kāla-karma time and actions; SB 1.15.30
karma activity; SB 1.17.19
karma uncommon deeds; SB 1.18.10
karma act; SB 1.19.1
karma activities; SB 1.19.13
karma activity; SB 2.1.33
karma activities; SB 2.1.37
sva-karma-jān produced from one's own work; SB 2.2.7
karma fruitive activities; SB 2.4.3-4
karma the interaction; SB 2.5.14
karma the fate of the living entity; SB 2.5.21
karma reaction of the past; SB 2.5.26-29
karma action; SB 2.5.34
karma activity; SB 2.7.29
karma-gatayaḥ in terms of the work performed; SB 2.8.13
karma actions; SB 2.8.14
priya-karma activities of the dearmost; SB 2.9.14
karma duty; SB 2.9.23
karma-vāsanāḥ desire for fruitive work; SB 2.10.4
karma action; SB 2.10.12
karma work; SB 2.10.24
sa-karma engaged in work; SB 2.10.36
suta-karma action taken by his son; SB 3.1.7
karma-tantram the law of action and reaction; SB 3.1.44
ātma-karma destined engagement; SB 3.5.9
karma fruitive activities; SB 3.5.31
guṇa-karma-yonau unto the cause of the material modes and activities; SB 3.5.50
karma work; SB 3.6.3
karmā activities; SB 3.6.4
karma activity of life; SB 3.6.7
daiva-karma-ātma-rūpiṇaḥ of the gigantic form of transcendental work, time and nature; SB 3.6.35
karma-jāḥ generated by different work; SB 3.7.31
karma pastimes; SB 3.7.40
karma-tantraḥ in the matter of fruitive activities; SB 3.8.12
karma fruitive activities; SB 3.8.14
karma-bījam seed of worldly activities; SB 3.8.33
karma activities; SB 3.9.15
karma work; SB 3.9.23
nānā-karma varieties of service; SB 3.9.34
karma in activities; SB 3.10.8
karma-parāḥ interested in working; SB 3.10.26
karma action; SB 3.12.35
karma act; SB 3.14.33
karma activities; SB 3.16.8
karma of the activities; SB 3.22.1
karma-karīḥ maidservants; SB 3.23.27
karma work; SB 3.23.56
karma by actions; SB 3.26.37
karma work; SB 3.26.50
karma-doṣaiḥ by faulty actions; SB 3.27.3
karma-bandhaḥ bondage to fruitive activities; SB 3.27.19
karma activities; SB 3.28.38
karma fruitive activities; SB 3.29.10
karma prescribed duties; SB 3.29.25
sva-karma his prescribed duties; SB 3.29.32
karma-viceṣṭitam whose activities; SB 3.29.36
karma activities; SB 3.31.9
karma activities; SB 3.31.15
karma-padavīm the path of fruitive activities; SB 3.31.16
karma actions; SB 3.31.31
karma by fruitive activities; SB 3.31.31
karma by work; SB 3.32.38
karma-śreṣṭham very expert in fruitive activities; SB 4.1.38
karma-tantram fruitive activities; SB 4.2.22
karma-mayyām formed of fruitive activities; SB 4.2.24
karma activities; SB 4.4.20
karma activities; SB 4.4.20
karma action; SB 4.5.25
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.6.47
karma the sacrifice; SB 4.7.16
karma to such activities; SB 4.7.34
karma story; SB 4.7.60
karma work; SB 4.8.69
karma action; SB 4.10.9
karma action; SB 4.11.8
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.11.22
karma the objective; SB 4.12.10
karma-phala the result of activities; SB 4.12.10
karma fruitive desires; SB 4.13.8-9
karma-sākṣiṇaḥ witnesses for the sacrifice; SB 4.13.28
karma-atiśayam excelling in fruitive activities; SB 4.19.2
karma activity; SB 4.19.18
karma activity; SB 4.19.31
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.20.30
karma activities; SB 4.21.10
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.22.38
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.22.39
karma activity; SB 4.22.51
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.23.8
karma-bandhanaiḥ from all kinds of actions resulting from fruitive activities; SB 4.24.78
karma by fruitive activities; SB 4.25.5
karma activities; SB 4.26.7
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.26.8
karma-vinirmitam manufactured by fruitive activities; SB 4.27.29
karma by fruitive activities; SB 4.29.1
karma activity; SB 4.29.6
karma activities; SB 4.29.18-20
karma-kṛt the actor; SB 4.29.23-25
karma work; SB 4.29.26-27
karma of activities; SB 4.29.29
karma another activity; SB 4.29.34
karma activity; SB 4.29.49
karma activity; SB 4.29.49
karma of activities; SB 4.29.54
karma the activity; SB 4.29.59
karma fruitive activities; SB 4.29.60
karma activity; SB 4.29.61
karma work; SB 4.29.62
karma activities; SB 4.29.63
karma-bandhaḥ the bondage of fruitive activities; SB 5.1.1
karma activity; SB 5.1.13
karma and work; SB 5.1.14
guṇa-karma with quality and work; SB 5.1.15
karma-adhikāraḥ in material affairs; SB 5.1.23
karma activities; SB 5.1.24
karma activities; SB 5.1.39
karma by fruitive activities; SB 5.1.41
karma work; SB 5.4.6
karma-kṣetram the field of activities; SB 5.4.8
karma activities; SB 5.4.8
karma-viśuddhāḥ very pure in their activities; SB 5.4.13
karma-ātmakam absorbed in material activities; SB 5.5.5
karma-vaśam subjugated by fruitive activities; SB 5.5.6
karma-anubaddhaḥ bound by the results of his past deeds; SB 5.5.9
karma-āśayam the desire for fruitive activities; SB 5.5.14
karma-mūḍhān simply engaged in pious or impious activities; SB 5.5.15
karma activity; SB 5.5.32
karma-bījānām of those whose seeds of fruitive activities; SB 5.6.1
karma-bandhaḥ bondage to fruitive activities; SB 5.6.5
karma-viśuddhyā by offering everything for the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and not desiring any results of his pious activities; SB 5.7.7
avasita-karma-nirvāṇa-avasaraḥ Mahārāja Bharata who ascertained the moment of the end of his royal opulence; SB 5.7.8
karma-bandha the bondage of the reactions of fruitive activities; SB 5.9.3
karma-niyamān the regulative principles of fruitive activities; SB 5.9.4
karma-vetanataḥ in exchange for wages from working; SB 5.9.11
bhartṛ-karma-niṣpattim the accomplishment of their master's work; SB 5.9.14
karma the activity; SB 5.9.17
dravya-guṇa-karma-āśaya in a combination of material elements, material qualities, and the results of past activities and desires; SB 5.10.6
karma-ārabdham the resultant action now attained; SB 5.10.14
guṇa-karma-anubaddham bound by the modes of nature and the reactions of material activities; SB 5.11.8
karma by predestined resultant actions; SB 5.11.11
karma activities; SB 5.12.10
rajaḥ-tamaḥ-sattva-vibhakta-karma-dṛk a conditioned soul who sees only immediately beneficial fruitive activities and their results, which are divided into three groups by the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance; SB 5.13.1
karma the fruits of activities; SB 5.14.1
karma-kṣetram the field of activities; SB 5.14.4
karma-codana of the rules of fruitive activity; SB 5.14.18
karma fruitive activities; SB 5.14.23
karma-anuṣṭhānena the performance of activities; SB 5.14.30
karma-vallīm the creeper of fruitive activities; SB 5.14.41
karma-kṣetram the field of activities; SB 5.17.11
karma-parvaṇīm which ties the knots of fruitive activity; SB 5.17.24
karma these activities; SB 5.18.5
karma-āśayān demoniac desires to be happy by material activities; SB 5.18.8
karma-śuklāya who purifies the fruitive activities of the living entities; SB 5.18.35
guṇa-karma-sākṣiṇe the witness of the actions and reactions of material nature; SB 5.18.38
karma-kauśalena by expertise in ritualistic ceremonies; SB 5.20.16
bhagavat-karma-śīlaḥ being absorbed in activities to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 5.20.31
karma-mayam obtainable by the Vedic ritualistic system; SB 5.20.33
karma-viśuddhi of purification of fruitive activities; SB 5.22.3
karma-sārathayaḥ whose chariot drivers are the results of their own past activities; SB 5.23.3
karma-nirmita caused by their own past fruitive activities; SB 5.23.3
karma-bandhanam the bondage of fruitive activity; SB 5.24.20
karma-vāsanā by the desire for fruitive activities; SB 5.25.8
yathā-karma according to one's past activities; SB 5.25.14
karma-gatayaḥ destinations resulting from activity; SB 5.26.2
karma-phalam the reaction of fruitive activities; SB 5.26.3
yathā-karma-avadyam according to how much they have violated the rules and regulations of conditional life; SB 5.26.6
karma-pākam the result of his impious activities; SB 5.26.22
karma-nirhāraḥ counteraction of fruitive activities; SB 6.1.11
karma-anurodhena with consideration of the activities performed; SB 6.1.43
karma fruitive activities; SB 6.1.53
karma-nirhāram cessation of the fruitive reactions of material activities; SB 6.2.12
karma-jam caused by activities; SB 6.2.36-37
karma-nibandha the obligation to suffer or undergo tribulations as a result of fruitive activities; SB 6.2.46
karma activity; SB 6.3.4
nāma-karma of names and different activities; SB 6.3.13
karma-nāmnām and of His names according to His activities and pastimes; SB 6.3.24
karma activities; SB 6.3.33
karma-sandhānām who strictly follow the fruitive ritualistic ceremonies according to Vedic injunctions; SB 6.5.42
karma activities (to support the Daityas); SB 6.7.25
karma-bandhāt from the bondage of fruitive activities; SB 6.8.16
karma fruitive activities; SB 6.9.50
tat karma that action (striking the head of Indra's elephant with the club in his left hand); SB 6.11.10
tat-karma his activities; SB 6.11.13
karma activities of service to You; SB 6.11.24
karma the accomplishment; SB 6.12.5
karma activities; SB 6.18.9
karma the fruits of action; SB 7.2.25-26
karma of fruitive activities; SB 7.2.47
guṇa-karma-nibandhanaḥ captivation by the three modes of material nature; SB 7.7.27
karma-mayam producing hundreds and thousands of desires and acting accordingly; SB 7.9.21
karma-śaktiḥ the active senses; SB 7.9.40
sva-karma-patitam fallen because of the reactions of one's own material activities; SB 7.9.41
stuti-karma-pūjāḥ worshiping Your Lordship by offering prayers and other devotional activities; SB 7.9.50
karma activities being dedicated to You; SB 7.9.50
karma fruitive activities; SB 7.10.12
karma-bandhāt from the bondage of material activities; SB 7.10.14
karma and activities; SB 7.10.43-44
karma-pāśaiḥ from the bondage of fruitive activities; SB 7.10.46
karma and activities; SB 7.11.13
sva-karma-kṛt executing his own work; SB 7.11.32
karma activities; SB 7.11.32
karma fruitive work; SB 7.13.19
karma-niṣṭhāḥ attached to ritualistic ceremonies (according to one's social status as a brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya or śūdra); SB 7.15.1
karma-mayān resulting in a reaction (such as the killing of animals); SB 7.15.9
karma of activities; SB 7.15.47
karma activities; SB 7.15.64
karma activities; SB 8.3.8-9
karma fruitive activity; SB 8.3.22-24
karma transcendental activity; SB 8.4.1
karma whose transcendental activities; SB 8.4.13
karma activity; SB 8.5.1
karma pastimes, activities; SB 8.5.11-12
karma fruitive activities; SB 8.5.43
karma activities; SB 8.5.46
karma activities; SB 8.5.48
karma the act; SB 8.7.45
karma activities; SB 8.9.28
karma activities; SB 8.9.29
karma-uttamam the very expert service in military art; SB 8.10.43
kūṭa-karma-jā because of the illusory, magical activities; SB 8.10.55
karma such service to the master; SB 8.11.17
karma karma; SB 8.14.8
viriñca-stuta-karma-vīryaḥ the Personality of Godhead, whose activities and prowess are always praised by Lord Brahmā; SB 8.18.1
karma fruitive activities; SB 8.19.36
karma action; SB 8.20.19
randhita-karma-kalmaṣāḥ those for whom all pollution of fruitive activities has been stopped; SB 8.21.2-3
karma-arjitāḥ ca whatever he achieved by his pious activities; SB 8.22.22
karma by wonderful activities, pious activities; SB 8.22.26
karma-nibandhanaḥ the bondage of fruitive activities; SB 8.23.10
karma-chidram the discrepancies in the fruitive activities; SB 8.23.14
karma-vaiṣamyam discrepancy in discharging fruitive activities; SB 8.23.15
karma-īśvaraḥ the master of all fruitive activities; SB 8.23.15
karma activities; SB 8.23.26-27
karma-grastaḥ one who is under the laws of karma; SB 8.24.2-3
nija-karma-bandhanaḥ accepting different bodily forms as a result of his sinful activities; SB 8.24.47
karma fruitive activities; SB 8.24.47
karma fruitive activities; SB 9.1.17
karma-kalāpam the prescribed occupational duties as a kṣatriya king; SB 9.4.21
karma activity; SB 9.5.21
karma action; SB 9.6.9
karma act; SB 9.6.28
karma action; SB 9.7.16
karma activities; SB 9.8.15-16
karma-lińgam symptomized by fruitive activities; SB 9.8.24
kāma-karma-indriya-āśayaḥ being under the influence of lusty desires and fruitive activities; SB 9.8.26
karma-bandhaiḥ by the bondage of fruitive activities; SB 9.11.23
karma-tattva-jñaḥ expert in Vedic ritualistic ceremonies; SB 9.13.19
sva-karma his own activities; SB 9.15.37
karma activities; SB 9.18.5
sva-karma-vaśa-gām under the influence of the results of fruitive activities; SB 9.19.3
basta-karma the business of the goat; SB 9.19.7
karma activities; SB 9.20.29
karma-vāsanām the strong desire for fruitive activities; SB 9.24.62
karma-anugaḥ following the reactions of his own fruitive activities; SB 10.1.39
karma-gatim the reactions of fruitive activities; SB 10.1.40
jāta-karma the festival for the birth of the child; SB summary
guṇa-karma-anu-rūpāṇi according to His attributes and activities; SB 10.8.15
karma-āśaya resultant action and desire for material enjoyment; SB 10.8.37-39
karma by activities; SB 10.8.41
karma-antara in other household affairs; SB 10.9.1-2
karma work; SB 10.9.7
karma act; SB 10.10.1
kaumāra-jam karma performed during their kaumāra age (the age of five years); SB 10.12.37
karma fruitive action; SB 10.13.53
nija-karma by their prescribed duties; SB 10.14.5
karma act; SB 10.15.39
karma action; SB 10.20.1
karma the ritualistic activities; SB 10.22.8
karma-anubandhanam which is simply the basis of bondage to material activity; SB 10.23.35
karma-vartmasu upon the paths of fruitive activity; SB 10.23.50
karma-siddhiḥ achievement of the intended goal of activity; SB 10.24.6
karma of fruitive action; SB 10.24.15
karma material work: eva alone; SB 10.24.17
karma his prescribed activity; SB 10.24.18
sva-karma his own prescribed duty; SB 10.24.18
karma-mayaiḥ based on fruitive activity; SB 10.25.4
guṇa-karma-anurūpāṇi according to His attributes and activities; SB 10.26.18
karma of fruitive activity; SB 10.33.34
karma activity; SB 10.37.30
karma activities; SB 10.38.12
karma-ātmakaḥ due to fruitive activity; SB 10.38.20
karma of fruitive work; SB 10.40.23
karma and material activities; SB 10.40.27
karma about his activities; SB 10.41.18
karma of reactions of past activity; SB 10.45.45
karma of the reactions of material work; SB 10.46.32-33
karma work; SB 10.46.39
karma-bandha due to the unavoidable reactions of past work; SB 10.50.32-33
karma activity; SB 10.51.30
karma activities; SB 10.51.36
karma activities; SB 10.51.37
karma actions; SB 10.63.2
karma the reactions of material work; SB 10.63.26
karma of fruitive work; SB 10.70.29
karma deeds; SB 10.71.9
karma their work; SB 10.71.33
karma activities; SB 10.74.54
karma deed; SB 10.76.1
karma feat; SB 10.76.20
karma work; SB 10.80.3
karma of material work; SB 10.81.41
karma and activities; SB 10.83.17
karma of (previous) work; SB 10.84.29
karma material activities; SB 10.84.32-33
karma of the reactions of past actions; SB 10.84.35
karma by material activities; SB 10.86.47
karma in the performance of duties; SB 10.89.23
karma feat; SB 10.89.30-31
karma the reactions of material work; SB 10.90.49
karma activities; SB 11.1.10
karma of material work and its reactions; SB 11.2.6
karma-tantra of the path of fruitive Vedic sacrifices; SB 11.2.19
karma of material activities; SB 11.2.38
karma fruitive work; SB 11.2.50
karma-phalam results of work; SB 11.3.6
karma-gatīḥ the destinations determined by his past activities; SB 11.3.7
karma-nirmitam created from fruitive work; SB 11.3.20
karma and one's activities; SB 11.3.26
karma pastimes; SB 11.3.27-28
guṇa-karma-jāni generated from the modes of nature and material activities in those modes; SB 11.3.40
karma-yogam the practice of dovetailing one's work with the Supreme; SB 11.3.41
karma the execution of duties prescribed by scripture; SB 11.3.43
karma-mokṣāya for liberation from material activities; SB 11.3.44
karma the duties; SB 11.4.6
karma-maya of the reactions of fruitive work; SB 11.6.7
karma-vartmasu on the paths of material work; SB 11.6.48-49
karma compulsory duties; SB 11.7.8
karma of fruitive activities; SB 11.9.12
karma-śaktiḥ the other active organs and limbs of the body; SB 11.9.27
karma such work; SB 11.10.4
karma any material activity; SB 11.10.4
karma fruitive activities; SB 11.10.14-16
karma of activities; SB 11.10.31
karma activities; SB 11.11.20
karma My activities; SB 11.11.23-24
karma and activities; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-janma-karma-kathanam glorifying My birth and activities; SB 11.11.34-41
karma the function of the hands; SB 11.12.19
karma toward fruitive activities; SB 11.12.21
karma activities; SB 11.13.4
karma-dhīḥ intelligence bewildered by his own activities of creation; SB 11.13.18
karma the chain of fruitive activities; SB 11.13.37
yathā-karma according to their own activities; SB 11.14.9
karma by one's material work; SB 11.14.11
karma of fruitive activities; SB 11.14.25
karma the devotional activities; SB 11.16.32
karma of fruitive activities; SB 11.17.36
karma by fruitive activities; SB 11.18.12
karma the path of work; SB 11.20.6
karma-yogaḥ the path of karma-yoga; SB 11.20.7
karma an activity; SB 11.20.25
karma one's duty; SB 11.21.9
karma activity; SB 11.21.14
karma of work; SB 11.21.15
karma of work; SB 11.21.17
karma fruitive work; SB 11.22.13
karma-āyatana by the above-mentioned working senses; SB 11.22.16
karma-mayam shaped by fruitive work; SB 11.22.37
karma-tantram bound to the reactions of fruitive work; SB 11.22.38
karma-bījena by the seed of his activities; SB 11.22.46
karma my past work; SB 11.23.42
karma one's fruitive activities; SB 11.23.54
karma fruitive activities; SB 11.23.54
karma-yuktam full of fruitive activities; SB 11.24.15
karma work; SB 11.25.23
karma in work; SB 11.25.27
karma activity; SB 11.25.30
karma and work; SB 11.25.32
karma-bandha from the bondage of material work; SB 11.27.5
karma-kāṇḍasya Vedic prescriptions for the execution of worship; SB 11.27.6
karma the reaction of fruitive work; SB 11.27.11
karma and work; SB 11.28.16
karma the functions; SB 11.28.17
karma from its activities; SB 11.28.28
karma-tantram the entanglement of fruitive work; SB 11.28.29
karma material work; SB 11.28.30
karma by the activities; SB 11.28.33
karmā his fruitive activities; SB 11.29.34
karma of their fruitive activities; SB 12.2.17
karma of fruitive work; SB 12.3.44
karma the fruitive reaction; SB 12.6.26
karma-kārakaḥ the performer of material activities; SB 12.7.18
karma-guṇa-kāla of material work, material qualities and time; SB 12.8.42
tat-karma the activities of Mārkaṇḍeya; SB 12.10.38
karma-āśaya based on the mentality of fruitive work; SB 12.10.42
karma-maya representing the active senses; SB 12.11.14-15
karma fruitive work; SB 12.12.53
karma activity; CC Adi 1.94
karma the activities; CC Adi 2.44
karma action; CC Adi 3.24
karma activity; CC Adi 3.61
karma activities; CC Adi 3.85
karma the business; CC Adi 4.8
ānuṣańga-karma secondary work; CC Adi 4.14
karma fruitive activity; CC Adi 4.33
karma fruitive work; CC Adi 4.167-169
karma activity; CC Adi 5.29
karma-niṣṭha the fruitive workers; CC Adi 7.29-30
karma activities; CC Adi 7.69
karma fruitive activities; CC Adi 7.119
karma activities; CC Adi 9.8
karma activities; CC Adi 9.32
karma work; CC Adi 12.52
karma fruitive activity; CC Adi 13.64
jāta-karma the auspicious ceremony at the time of birth; CC Adi 13.108
karma duties; CC Adi 14.25
karma fruitive activities; CC Adi 17.24
karma activities; CC Adi 17.43
karma fruitive activities; CC Adi 17.75
karma activities; CC Madhya 1.89
mleccha-karma the work of meat-eaters; CC Madhya 1.197
karma activities; CC Madhya 1.198
karma and fruitive activities; CC Madhya 6.154
jñāna-karma of speculation and fruitive activities; CC Madhya 6.285
nindya-karma forbidden actions; CC Madhya 8.37
karma-arpaṇa offering the results of activities; CC Madhya 8.59
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 8.153
karma action; CC Madhya 8.289
nija-karma Your activities; CC Madhya 9.126
karma-nindā condemnation of fruitive activities; CC Madhya 9.263
karma-tyāga renunciation of fruitive activities; CC Madhya 9.263
karma haite from fruitive activities; CC Madhya 9.263
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 9.271
karma work; CC Madhya 12.116
bhāla karma good work; CC Madhya 12.117
karma kare do work; CC Madhya 12.118
karma work; CC Madhya 14.208
vātulera karma the acts of a madman; CC Madhya 15.49
sva-karma of one's own fruitive activities; CC Madhya 15.170
saba karma all activities; CC Madhya 15.203
karma work; CC Madhya 16.65
dharma-karma all prescribed duties; CC Madhya 16.148
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 18.196
karma-niṣṭha attracted to fruitive activities; CC Madhya 19.147
koṭi-karma-niṣṭha-madhye among millions of such performers of fruitive activities according to Vedic principles; CC Madhya 19.147
karma by fruitive activities; CC Madhya 19.167
karma material activities; CC Madhya 19.168
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 20.112
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 20.136
kṛṣṇa-arcana-karma the activities of worshiping Lord Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 20.336
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 21.119
karma-yoga-jñāna fruitive activities, mystic yoga and speculative knowledge; CC Madhya 22.17
karma activities; CC Madhya 22.19
sva-karma karite performing his duty in life; CC Madhya 22.26
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 22.59
sarva-karma all other activities, material and spiritual; CC Madhya 22.60
sarva-karma all activities; CC Madhya 22.62
karmā fruitive activities; CC Madhya 22.103
śubha-karma pious activities; CC Madhya 23.29
karma activities; CC Madhya 24.62
karma work; CC Madhya 24.159
karma-niṣṭha attracted to fruitive activities; CC Madhya 24.214
karma tyaji' giving up such fruitive activities; CC Madhya 24.214
ei āmāra karma I have been taught this business (half-killing animals); CC Madhya 24.253
karma fruitive activities; CC Madhya 24.308
karma activities; CC Madhya 25.107
sva-karma-phala-bhuk sure to accept the resultant action of his fruitive activities; CC Antya 2.163
dharma-karma all religious activities and regulative principles; CC Antya 3.184
karma work; CC Antya 4.83
karma activities; CC Antya 6.15
sei karma karāya causes one to act in that way; CC Antya 6.199
karma activity; CC Antya 7.126
ei karma this work; CC Antya 7.150
karma activities; CC Antya 8.77
karma activities; CC Antya 12.30
nindya-karma reproachable activities; CC Antya 13.133
āpanāra karma-doṣa it is the result of My own fate; CC Antya 19.50
tat-tat-karma various activities favorable for devotional service; NoI 3
sva-karma of one's own fruitive activities; Bs 5.54
karma activities; Bs 5.61
karma work; Iso 2
karma my deeds; MM 5
karma to fruitive work; NBS 25
karma-phalam the fruit of material work; NBS 48