karmaṇi in prescribed duties; BG 2.47
karmāṇi your duties; BG 2.48
karmaṇi in action; BG 3.1
karmaṇi in prescribed duty; BG 3.22
karmaṇi in the performance of prescribed duties; BG 3.23
karmaṇi in prescribed duties; BG 3.25
karmāṇi work; BG 3.26
karmāṇi activities; BG 3.27
karmāṇi activities; BG 3.30
karmāṇi all kinds of work; BG 4.14
karmaṇi in action; BG 4.18
karmaṇi in activity; BG 4.20
karmāṇi functions; BG 4.27
prāṇa-karmāṇi functions of the life breath; BG 4.27
sarva-karmāṇi all reactions to material activities; BG 4.37
karmāṇi works; BG 4.41
karmāṇi all works; BG 5.10
karmāṇi activities; BG 5.13
karmāṇi activities; BG 5.14
karmāṇi activities; BG 9.9
karmāṇi activities; BG 12.6-7
karmāṇi work; BG 12.10
karmāṇi activities; BG 13.30
karmaṇi in fruitive activity; BG 14.9
karmaṇi activities; BG 17.26-27
karmāṇi activities; BG 18.6
karmāṇi activities; BG 18.11
karmāṇi the activities; BG 18.41
karmaṇi work; BG 18.45
karmāṇi activities; BG 18.56
sarva-karmāṇi all kinds of activities; BG 18.57
karmāṇi duties; SB 1.1.11
karmāṇi transcendental acts; SB 1.1.17
karmāṇi acts; SB 1.1.20
karmāṇi chain of fruitive actions; SB 1.2.21
karmāṇi activities; SB 1.3.35
karmāṇi activities; SB 1.4.9
karmāṇi duties; SB 1.5.36
karmāṇi activities; SB 1.12.2
karmaṇi performances; SB 1.16.7
karmāṇi activities; SB 1.16.23
karmaṇi performance of; SB 1.18.12
karmāṇi activities; SB 2.4.9
karmāṇi activities; SB 2.6.38
karmāṇi activities; SB 2.7.26
karmaṇi in the matter of; SB 2.10.45
karmāṇi works; SB 3.1.44
karmāṇi activities; SB 3.4.16
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 3.4.33
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 3.5.2
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 3.5.5
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 3.5.7
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 3.5.16
karmāṇi activities; SB 3.7.29
karmaṇi in activity; SB 3.9.17
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 3.31.43
karmaṇi the activity; SB 4.1.62
karmaṇi in fruitive activities; SB 4.7.27
karmāṇi activities; SB 4.16.3
karmāṇi activities; SB 4.16.12
yat-karmaṇi in whose activity; SB 4.20.28
karmāṇi work; SB 4.21.7
karmāṇi activities; SB 4.22.50
karmāṇi activities; SB 4.22.53
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 4.29.26-27
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 4.29.58
karmāṇi activities; SB 4.29.78
sati karmaṇi when material affairs continue; SB 4.29.78
karmaṇi in activity; SB 4.29.78
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 4.31.9
karmāṇi material activities; SB 5.4.14
karmāṇi the activities; SB 5.6.13
karmaṇi duties; SB 5.7.4
karmāṇi all the activities; SB 5.9.6
karmāṇi activities; SB 5.9.9-10
kedāra-karmaṇi in working in the field and adjusting the agricultural work; SB 5.9.11
karmāṇi different material activities; SB 5.11.9
karmāṇi utsīdanti fruitive activities disappear; SB 5.14.4
karmaṇi in the work; SB 5.21.16
karmāṇi activities; SB 5.24.1
karmāṇi activities for material benefit; SB 6.1.52
karmaṇi fruitive activities; SB 6.3.25
svarga-karmaṇi in the creation of the universal affairs; SB 6.4.49-50
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 6.15.24
sarva-karmāṇi all activities; SB 6.19.17
abhyudaye ca karmaṇi and in a sacrificial ceremony in which oblations are offered to the forefathers and demigods; SB 6.19.26-28
karmāṇi different activities; SB 7.6.11-13
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 7.7.34
karmāṇi many activities (in factories, industries, speculation and so on); SB 7.7.41
karmāṇi material fruitive activities; SB 7.7.47
karmāṇi the regulative duties; SB 7.10.23
karmaṇi by which activities; SB 7.10.52
karmāṇi material activities; SB 7.12.29-30
karmāṇi activities; SB 7.13.24
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 7.13.26
karmaṇi of fruitive activity; SB 7.14.26
karmāṇi and activities; SB 8.1.2
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 8.1.14
karmāṇi activities; SB 8.4.17-24
karmāṇi activities; SB 8.5.47
karmaṇi in the churning; SB 8.10.1
karmaṇi activities; SB 8.14.1
karmāṇi ritualistic ceremonies; SB 8.18.13
karmaṇi of a ritualistic ceremony; SB 8.23.31
karmaṇi in discharging fruitive activities; SB 9.4.3
karmaṇi in the sacrifice; SB 9.20.28
karmāṇi activities; SB 9.24.60
autthānike karmaṇi in the celebration of the utthāna ceremony; SB 10.7.8
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.24.6
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.26.1
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.26.2
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.40.6
karmaṇi for my work; SB 10.42.3
karmāṇi about the deeds; SB 10.46.9-13
karmāṇi about the activities; SB 10.47.9-10
karmāṇi and activities; SB 10.51.38
karmāṇi duties; SB 10.51.52
karmāṇi the required duties; SB 10.53.7
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.69.45
karmaṇi about duties; SB 10.70.26
karmaṇi in the work; SB 10.73.24
karmāṇi material activities; SB 10.74.22
karmāṇi the activities; SB 10.79.34
karmāṇi worldly duties; SB 10.80.30
karmāṇi activities; SB 10.90.49
karmāṇi fruitive rituals; SB 11.1.11-12
karmāṇi activities; SB 11.2.39
karmāṇi various kinds of fruitive work; SB 11.3.6
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 11.3.18
karmāṇi materialistic activities; SB 11.3.41
karmāṇi material activities; SB 11.3.44
karmāṇi of the activities; SB 11.4.1
karmāṇi activities; SB 11.4.23
karmaṇi about the facts of fruitive work; SB 11.5.6
karmāṇi activities; SB 11.6.23
karmāṇi activities; SB 11.10.27-29
karmāṇi pious and impious material activities; SB 11.10.31
karmāṇi activities; SB 11.11.22
karmaṇi in the construction; SB 11.11.34-41
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 11.13.11
karmāṇi fruitive activities; SB 11.20.9
karmaṇi chain of fruitive actions; SB 11.20.30
karmāṇi the working senses; SB 11.22.15
karmāṇi material activities; SB 11.23.43
karmāṇi pious work; SB 11.23.45
karmāṇi prescribed duties; SB 11.27.11
karmāṇi transcendental activities; SB 11.27.44
karmāṇi and activities; SB 11.28.1
karmāṇi and work; SB 11.28.2
karmāṇi prescribed activities; SB 11.29.9
karmaṇi in fruitive work; SB 11.29.33
karmāṇi the activities; SB 11.31.2-3
karmāṇi the activities; SB 11.31.27
karmāṇi the activities; SB 12.5.6
karmāṇi the activities; SB 12.11.27-28
karmāṇī activities; SB 12.12.28-29
karmāṇi the activities; SB 12.12.46
karmāṇi fruitive activities; CC Madhya 9.266
karmāṇi all fruitive activities and their reactions; CC Madhya 15.170
karmāṇi fruitive activities; CC Madhya 22.61
karmaṇi in fruitive activity; CC Madhya 24.215
para-svabhāva-karmāṇi the characteristics or activities of others; CC Antya 8.78
karmāṇi all fruitive activities and their reactions; Bs 5.54
karmāṇi work; Iso 2
karmāṇi his material activities; NBS 48
karmāṇi works; NBS 69
karmāṇi prescribed activities; NBS 76