manaḥ mind; BG 1.30
manaḥ-gatān of mental concoction; BG 2.55
anudvigna-manāḥ without being agitated in mind; BG 2.56
manaḥ the mind; BG 2.60
manaḥ the mind; BG 2.67
manaḥ the mind; BG 3.40
manaḥ the mind; BG 3.42
manaḥ mind; BG 5.19
manaḥ mind; BG 5.27-28
manaḥ mind; BG 6.11-12
manaḥ mind; BG 6.13-14
manaḥ mind; BG 6.25
manaḥ the mind; BG 6.26
varta-mānaḥ being situated; BG 6.31
manaḥ mind; BG 6.34
manaḥ the mind; BG 6.35
āsakta-manāḥ mind attached; BG 7.1
manaḥ mind; BG 7.4
manaḥ mind; BG 8.7
manaḥ the mind; BG 8.12
mat-manāḥ always thinking of Me; BG 9.34
manaḥ the mind; BG 10.22
manaḥ mind; BG 11.45
prīta-manāḥ pleased in mind; BG 11.49
manaḥ the mind; BG 12.2
manaḥ mind; BG 12.8
manaḥ mind; BG 12.13-14
manaḥ with the mind; BG 15.7
manaḥ mind; BG 15.9
manaḥ-ratham according to my desires; BG 16.13-15
manaḥ mind; BG 17.11
manaḥ-prasādaḥ satisfaction of the mind; BG 17.16
manaḥ of the mind; BG 18.33
mat-manāḥ thinking of Me; BG 18.65
manaḥ-vacobhiḥ by dint of mental speculation or deliverance of speeches; SB 1.3.37
manaḥ-harāḥ attractive; SB 1.5.26
manaḥ of the mind; SB 1.6.18
manaḥ mind; SB 1.6.19
tuṣṭa-manāḥ fully satisfied; SB 1.6.26
manaḥ the mind; SB 1.7.3
udvigna-manāḥ disturbed in mind; SB 1.7.18
manaḥ mind; SB 1.9.23
manaḥ mind; SB 1.9.30
manaḥ with mind; SB 1.9.43
prīta-manāḥ pleased in His mind; SB 1.10.2
manaḥ-haraḥ attractive to the mind; SB 1.10.20
mahā-manāḥ the magnanimous; SB 1.11.16-17
manaḥ-mahā-utsavāḥ a sense of joyful ceremony within the mind; SB 1.11.31
prīta-manāḥ satisfied; SB 1.12.13
manaḥ mind; SB 1.14.14
alabdha-mānaḥ without respect; SB 1.14.39
mahā-manāḥ one who has a broader outlook; SB 1.16.13-15
mānaḥ worthy of being worshiped; SB 1.16.26-30
manaḥ the mind; SB 1.18.26
manaḥ-jñam attractive; SB 1.19.28
manaḥ mind; SB 2.1.17
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.1.18
manaḥ mind; SB 2.1.19
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.1.19
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.1.20
manaḥ of the mind; SB 2.1.22
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.1.23
manaḥ ca and the mind; SB 2.1.34
manaḥ mind; SB 2.1.38
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.2.12
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.2.15
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.2.16
manaḥ-mayam the mental plane; SB 2.2.30
manaḥ mind; SB 2.3.25
mahā-manāḥ the great soul; SB 2.4.3-4
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.5.30
manaḥ mind; SB 2.5.32
manaḥ mind; SB 2.6.42
manaḥ mind; SB 2.7.7
śańkita-manāḥ doubtful in mind; SB 2.7.30
manaḥ mind; SB 2.8.3
manaḥ attention; SB 2.9.7
prīta-manāḥ being very much pleased; SB 2.9.19
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.10.30
manaḥ the mind; SB 2.10.32
manaḥ-mayam creator of the mind; SB 3.1.34
mānāḥ anguished; SB 3.2.14
manaḥ mind; SB 3.4.17
manaḥ mind; SB 3.5.7
manaḥ-mayaḥ hovering on the mental plane; SB 3.5.29
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.5.30
manaḥ mind; SB 3.7.7
manaḥ mind; SB 3.7.15
manaḥ mind; SB 3.9.8
manaḥ mind; SB 3.9.26
manaḥ mind; SB 3.9.35
manaḥ mind; SB 3.10.17
stūya-mānaḥ being glorified; SB 3.11.32
manaḥ his mind; SB 3.12.28
manaḥ mind; SB 3.12.49
manaḥ mind; SB 3.13.22
manaḥ mind; SB 3.14.4
mahā-manāḥ highly pleased in mind; SB 3.14.51
asajja mānāḥ without being much attracted; SB 3.15.27
manaḥ-vīrya by mental and bodily strength; SB 3.17.22
mahā-manāḥ proud; SB 3.18.1
mānaḥ pride; SB 3.19.12
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.20.35
manaḥ heart; SB 3.21.10
manaḥ-rathaḥ his desire; SB 3.21.12
mānaḥ honor; SB 3.22.13
manaḥ-bhava by emotion; SB 3.23.11
manaḥ mind; SB 3.24.43
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.25.16
manaḥ mind; SB 3.25.44
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.26.14
manaḥ-mayam consisting of the mind; SB 3.26.25
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.26.27
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.26.60
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.26.71
bhūta-indriya-manaḥ-mayaiḥ consisting of body, senses and mind; SB 3.27.13
manaḥ mind; SB 3.27.14
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.1
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.7
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.10
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.12
manaḥ minds, hearts; SB 3.28.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.18
manaḥ in the mind; SB 3.28.22
manaḥ to the mind; SB 3.28.26
manaḥ-mayam formed in the mind; SB 3.28.30
arpita-manāḥ his mind being fixed; SB 3.28.33
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.28.35
manaḥ-gatiḥ the heart's course; SB 3.29.11-12
manaḥ the mind; SB 3.29.23
manaḥ mind; SB 3.31.44
manaḥ mind; SB 3.32.9
manaḥ mind; SB 4.1.19
manāḥ in the mind; SB 4.1.23
cira-utkaṇṭha-manāḥ being very anxious for a long time; SB 4.3.10
manaḥ-alibhiḥ by the bees of the mind; SB 4.4.15
manaḥ the minds; SB 4.6.30
manaḥ mind; SB 4.7.12
manaḥ-dṛśām to the mind and the eye; SB 4.7.32
manaḥ of the mind; SB 4.7.35
manaḥ-rathaḥ desirous; SB 4.8.12
manaḥ mind; SB 4.8.44
manaḥ-nayana-vardhanam very pleasing to the eyes and the mind; SB 4.8.49
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.8.52
manaḥ-gatam simply by thinking of the Lord; SB 4.8.59-60
manaḥ mind; SB 4.8.77
tat-manāḥ being too afflicted; SB 4.9.23
mānaḥ material prosperity; SB 4.9.35
manaḥ-samṛddhayaḥ considering themselves very rich; SB 4.9.36
manāḥ the King, whose mind; SB 4.9.42-43
manaḥ-rathaḥ his desire; SB 4.9.44
manaḥ-harāḥ bewildering the minds; SB 4.10.18-19
manaḥ-gatam within your mind; SB 4.12.7
mānaḥ adoration; SB 4.12.47
nirviṇṇa-manāḥ being indifferent in mind; SB 4.13.47
manaḥ mind; SB 4.14.15
manaḥ-rañjanakaiḥ very pleasing to the mind; SB 4.16.15
prīta-manāḥ being very pleased; SB 4.17.8
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.19.34
manaḥ mind; SB 4.20.9
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.20.37
manaḥ-malaḥ mental speculation or the dirt accumulated in the mind; SB 4.21.32
manaḥ mind; SB 4.21.33
manaḥ mind; SB 4.22.30
manaḥ mind; SB 4.22.55
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.23.17
manaḥ mind; SB 4.24.20
manaḥ-haram beautiful; SB 4.24.23
manaḥ-bhavaḥ cupid; SB 4.25.30
manaḥ mind; SB 4.25.42
manaḥ mind; SB 4.26.12
mahā-manāḥ advanced in consciousness; SB 4.27.4
manaḥ her mind; SB 4.28.50
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.29.7
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.29.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.29.18-20
manaḥ of the mind; SB 4.29.23-25
manaḥ in the mind; SB 4.29.65
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.29.66
manaḥ mind; SB 4.29.70
manaḥ the mind; SB 4.29.76-77
eka-agra-manāḥ with full attention; SB 4.29.82
manaḥ of the mind; SB 4.30.22
manaḥ mind; SB 4.31.3
manaḥ mind; SB 4.31.9
manaḥ-rathaḥ his mental aspiration; SB 5.1.22
mahā-manāḥ the great soul; SB 5.1.29
manaḥ mind; SB 5.2.6
manaḥ-unnayanau very agitating to the mind; SB 5.2.12
manaḥ mind; SB 5.2.16
manāḥ her mind; SB 5.2.18
manaḥ-nayana-ānandana pleasing to the mind and eyes; SB 5.3.2
manaḥ mind; SB 5.5.5
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.5.6
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.5.9
manaḥ mind; SB 5.5.27
avikhaṇḍita-manāḥ undisturbed in mind; SB 5.5.30
manaḥ-java traveling at the speed of mind; SB 5.5.35
manaḥ-rathena by the mind; SB 5.6.15
udvigna-manāḥ his mind full of anxiety; SB 5.8.15
manaḥ-ratha by desires, which are like mental chariots; SB 5.8.26
abhiniveśita-manāḥ his mind was absorbed; SB 5.8.27
anutapya-mānaḥ repenting; SB 5.8.28
manaḥ the mind in such a situation; SB 5.8.29
putra-sneha-anubaddha-manāḥ who was obliged by affection for his son; SB 5.9.4
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.11.4
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.11.7
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.11.8
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.11.8
manaḥ mind; SB 5.11.16
manaḥ mind; SB 5.12.4
karṣita-manāḥ whose mind is attracted; SB 5.14.18
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.16.3
ākṛṣṭa-manaḥ whose minds are attracted; SB 5.17.13
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.18.9
manaḥ the mind; SB 5.19.13
manaḥ-mayaḥ the predominating deity of the mind; SB 5.22.10
manaḥ to the mind; SB 5.24.10
manaḥ with the mind; SB 6.1.7
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.1.19
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.1.62
manaḥ-ramaiḥ pleasing to her mind; SB 6.1.64
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.2.12
manaḥ my mind; SB 6.2.38
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.2.40
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.2.46
manaḥ-dvāraiḥ by the senses; SB 6.4.41
eka-manāḥ with great attention; SB 6.8.3
manaḥ mind; SB 6.8.30
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.10.12
manaḥ their minds; SB 6.10.29
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.11.21
manaḥ my mind; SB 6.11.24
manaḥ my mind; SB 6.11.26
mahā-manāḥ the beneficent King Citraketu; SB 6.14.35
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.16.23
manaḥ mind; SB 6.16.24
iddha-manaḥ-gatiḥ the course of his mind being enlightened; SB 6.16.29
manaḥ the mind; SB 6.16.33
manaḥ his mind; SB 6.18.27-28
mahā-manāḥ jubilant; SB 6.18.55
vismita-manāḥ being struck with wonder; SB 7.1.14-15
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.1.30
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.1.32
manaḥ and the mind; SB 7.2.46
manaḥ of the mind; SB 7.3.28
manaḥ of the mind; SB 7.3.29
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.3.33
mahā-manāḥ highly thoughtful; SB 7.4.9-12
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.4.42
manaḥ mind; SB 7.8.3-4
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.8.9
manaḥ his mind; SB 7.9.10
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.9.21
manaḥ mind; SB 7.9.39
manaḥ-vacasā by mind and words; SB 7.9.48
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.9.49
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.10.8
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.10.23
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.12.7
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.12.29-30
manaḥ-saṃsparśa-jān produced from demands for sense gratification; SB 7.13.27
manaḥ that mind; SB 7.13.43
manaḥ in terms of the mind; SB 7.15.8
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.15.32-33
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.15.32-33
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.15.41
mānaḥ false prestige; SB 7.15.43-44
manaḥ the mind; SB 7.15.53
manaḥ by the mind; SB 7.15.64
manaḥ of the strength of enthusiasm; SB 8.2.30
manaḥ the mind; SB 8.3.1
buddhiḥ manaḥ the intelligence and mind; SB 8.3.22-24
manaḥ-agrayānam more quick than the mind, inconceivable to mental speculation; SB 8.5.26
manaḥ how the mind is working; SB 8.5.27
manaḥ-mayam which is nothing but a mental creation depending chiefly on the mind; SB 8.5.28
manaḥ the mind; SB 8.5.34
manaḥ mind; SB 8.7.27
manaḥ and of the mind; SB 8.9.5
manaḥ by the acts of the mind; SB 8.9.29
manaḥ cakre thought; SB 8.12.24
mahā-manāḥ the great-minded; SB 8.15.36
manaḥ-śarīra-jāḥ born either of your body or of your mind (all the demons and demigods); SB 8.16.14
manaḥ the mind; SB 8.17.2-3
samāhita-manāḥ being fully in trance upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 8.17.23
manaḥ-javaḥ in mental ecstasy; SB 8.21.8
mahā-manāḥ the great devotee; SB 8.22.15
aviklava-manāḥ without mental duplicity; SB 8.22.23
manaḥ mind; SB 8.24.15
atiprīti-manāḥ very much pleased; SB 9.3.19
manaḥ his mind; SB 9.4.18-20
manaḥ-javāya as speedy as the mind; SB 9.5.6
manaḥ mind; SB 9.5.26
manaḥ the mind (full of material desires for eating, sleeping, mating and defending); SB 9.7.25-26
samāhita-manāḥ with great attention; SB 9.8.20
manaḥ-śarīra-dhī who consider the body or mind to be the self; SB 9.8.21
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.9.15
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.9.42
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.10.55
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.14.20
manya-mānaḥ thinking; SB 9.14.42
manaḥ like the mind; SB 9.15.31
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.16.16
manaḥ mind; SB 9.18.23
manaḥ-vāk by her mind and words; SB 9.18.47
manaḥ-rathaḥ created to be traversed by the chariot of the mind; SB 9.18.49
manaḥ-ṣaṣṭhaiḥ by the mind and five knowledge-acquiring senses; SB 9.18.51
manaḥ-sukham temporary happiness created by the mind; SB 9.18.51
manaḥ-prītim satisfaction of the mind; SB 9.19.13
manaḥ complete attention; SB 9.19.26
manaḥ the mind; SB 9.21.16
manaḥ the subject matter of thought for the mind; SB 10.1.4
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.1.42
tuṣṭa-manāḥ being very satisfied (with Vasudeva's behavior in delivering the first child to keep his promise); SB 10.1.59
manaḥ in the mind; SB 10.2.16
manaḥ of the mind; SB 10.2.36
manaḥ-malau the mind became clean, free from material contamination; SB 10.3.33
mahā-manāḥ who was great minded; SB summary
mahā-manāḥ who among the cowherd men was the greatest of all upright persons; SB 10.5.14
manaḥ harantīm everyone's attention was attracted (by her); SB 10.6.4
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.6.24
manaḥ-jñāni very attractive to the mind; SB 10.7.1-2
autthānika-autsukya-manāḥ mother Yaśodā was very busy celebrating the utthāna ceremony of her child; SB 10.7.6
manaḥ mind; SB 10.8.37-39
manaḥ by mind; SB 10.8.41
manaḥ by meditation; SB 10.9.9
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.10.38
manaḥ mind; SB 10.12.1
manaḥ dadhe made up His mind; SB 10.12.25
manaḥ-mayī thinking of Him even by force; SB 10.12.39
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.15.3
manaḥ His mind; SB 10.15.3
prīta-manāḥ being satisfied in His mind; SB 10.15.9
manaḥ-jñayā which (voice) charms the mind; SB 10.15.10-12
manaḥ-jñāni attractive to the mind; SB 10.15.18
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.16.42-43
prīta-manāḥ satisfied within his mind; SB 10.17.18
manaḥ-haram stealing the minds; SB 10.21.6
manaḥ-bhava by their conjugal desire; SB 10.21.15
manaḥ mind; SB 10.23.27
manaḥ your minds; SB 10.23.32
manaḥ cakre He made up His mind; SB 10.29.1
manaḥ-haram enchanting; SB 10.29.3
mānāḥ special respect; SB 10.29.47
manaḥ-rama charming; SB 10.30.2
manaḥ minds; SB 10.30.5
manāḥ with her mind fully absorbed; SB 10.30.19
manaḥ mind; SB 10.30.37
manaḥ minds; SB 10.31.10
manaḥ our minds; SB 10.31.11
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.31.17
manaḥ-ratha of their desires; SB 10.32.13
manaḥ for the mind; SB 10.34.23
manaḥ-bhava of lust; SB 10.35.16-17
manaḥ-rathān his desires; SB 10.36.39
manaḥ like that of the mind; SB 10.37.1-2
mahā-manāḥ magnanimous; SB 10.38.37-38
manaḥ-rathān his desires; SB 10.39.1
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.40.2
manaḥ the mind (and other senses); SB 10.40.15
manaḥ my mind; SB 10.40.27
mānāḥ honor; SB 10.41.28
manaḥ cakre He decided; SB 10.42.6
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.43.19
manaḥ cakre made up His mind; SB 10.44.17
manaḥ-rathāḥ their desires; SB 10.45.17-18
manaḥ in his mind; SB 10.45.28
manaḥ-ramam very attractive; SB 10.46.9-13
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.46.22
manaḥ one's mind; SB 10.46.32-33
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.47.23
manaḥ of the mind; SB 10.47.29
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.47.35
manaḥ your minds; SB 10.47.36
manaḥ to the mind; SB 10.48.11
manaḥ-ratham or a fantasy in the mind; SB 10.49.25
manaḥ (as the) mind; SB 10.50.55
mānaḥ whose false identification; SB 10.51.48
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.51.60
manaḥ his mind; SB 10.52.3
manaḥ His mind; SB 10.52.24
manaḥ to the minds; SB 10.52.38
manaḥ her mind; SB 10.54.50
manaḥ-rathaḥ desires; SB 10.54.51
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.59.30
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.60.48
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.61.3
manaḥ-rathaḥ hankering; SB 10.62.13
manaḥ of the heart; SB 10.62.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.63.35-36
manaḥ their minds; SB 10.70.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.73.23
manaḥ-rathaḥ whose desires; SB 10.73.33
manaḥ-ratha of his desires; SB 10.75.30
manaḥ mind; SB 10.80.3
manaḥ-rathāḥ your desires; SB 10.80.42
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.81.1-2
manaḥ and the mind; SB 10.84.12
manaḥ their minds; SB 10.84.27
mahā-manāḥ generous; SB 10.84.42
manaḥ-ratha of his desires (to perform Vedic sacrifices); SB 10.84.60
manāḥ in his mind; SB 10.84.60
manaḥ their minds; SB 10.84.69
manāḥ in his heart; SB 10.85.26
manaḥ-harām enchanting; SB 10.86.6
manaḥ his mind; SB 10.86.6
niraham-mānaḥ free from false ego; SB 10.86.16
mahā-manāḥ very intelligent; SB 10.86.27-29
manaḥ-rathaḥ desires; SB 10.86.40
manaḥ mind; SB 10.87.2
manaḥ their minds; SB 10.87.15
manaḥ mind; SB 10.87.23
manaḥ the mind (and its manifestations); SB 10.87.26
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.87.33
manaḥ their minds; SB 10.87.35
manaḥ of the mind; SB 10.87.37
manaḥ the mind; SB 10.87.49
manaḥ of the mind; SB 10.89.50
manaḥ the minds; SB 10.90.26
manaḥ-rathau or the conceiving of a desire; SB 11.2.38
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.2.38
manaḥ mind; SB 11.2.49
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.3.15
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.3.26
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.3.36
manaḥ-rathānām of whimsical pleasures; SB 11.5.10
manaḥ-rathāḥ their fanciful desires; SB 11.5.17
manaḥ-ramaḥ enchanting; SB 11.6.2-4
manaḥ mind; SB 11.6.7
manaḥ your mind; SB 11.7.6
māyā-manaḥ-mayam it is only imagined to be real by the influence of māyā; SB 11.7.7
manaḥ and mind; SB 11.7.39
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.9.11
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.9.12
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.9.22
manaḥ-rathaḥ merely a creation of the mind; SB 11.10.3
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.11.14
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.11.21
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.11.22
manaḥ mind; SB 11.12.16
manaḥ-mayam perceived by the mind, or controlling the mind even of great demigods like Lord Śiva; SB 11.12.17
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.13.9-10
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.13.12
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.13.13
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.13.14
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.14.2
manaḥ-ratham mental concoction; SB 11.14.28
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.14.28
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.14.36-42
manaḥ mind; SB 11.14.36-42
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.14.46
manaḥ-javaḥ moving the body at the speed of the mind; SB 11.15.6-7
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.10
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.11
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.13
mat-manāḥ the yogī whose mind is fixed in Me; SB 11.15.13
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.17
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.21
manaḥ the mind (goes); SB 11.15.21
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.22
manaḥ-rūpam the form desired by the mind; SB 11.15.22
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.15.26
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.16.11
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.16.41
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.16.42
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.16.44
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.17.34-35
manaḥ ascertained by the mind; SB 11.18.16
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.18.27
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.18
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.19
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.20.20
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.20
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.22
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.23
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.20.24
manaḥ and mind; SB 11.21.36
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.22.15
manaḥ as the mind; SB 11.22.23
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.22.23
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.22.37
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.22.38
manaḥ-rathaḥ or a mental fantasy; SB 11.22.40
manaḥ-ratham a daydream; SB 11.22.41
manaḥ-rathaḥ-mayīḥ achieved by meditation of the mind; SB 11.22.48
manaḥ-ratha of a mental fantasy; SB 11.22.54-55
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.23.42
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.23.43
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.23.44
manaḥ-nigrahaḥ the subduing of the mind; SB 11.23.45
manaḥ mind; SB 11.23.46
manaḥ mind; SB 11.23.46
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.23.47
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.23.47
manaḥ-mātram coming simply from the mind; SB 11.23.49
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.23.60
manaḥ and the mind; SB 11.24.3
manaḥ by the mind; SB 11.25.6
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.25.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.25.17
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.25.18
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.26.12
manaḥ-gataḥ within the mind; SB 11.26.16
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.26.22
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.26.23
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.26.26
manaḥ-mayī conceived of in the mind; SB 11.27.12
manaḥ and mind; SB 11.28.16
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.28.17
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.28.24
manaḥ of the mind; SB 11.28.27
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.28.28
manaḥ the mind; SB 11.29.2
manaḥ-nigraha by the attempt to subdue the mind; SB 11.29.2
manaḥ-hara attractive; SB 11.29.7
manaḥ-cittaḥ his mind and his intelligence; SB 11.29.9
ātma-manaḥ of his own mind; SB 11.29.9
manaḥ mind; SB 11.29.17
manaḥ-vāk-kāya-vṛttibhiḥ by the functions of one's mind, words and body; SB 11.29.19
manaḥ-bhavaḥ born of your mind; SB 11.29.29
manaḥ the minds; SB 12.2.34
manaḥ the mind; SB 12.3.27
mānaḥ false pride; SB 12.3.29
manaḥ the mind; SB 12.4.20-21
manaḥ the mind; SB 12.5.6
manaḥ mind; SB 12.5.6
manaḥ the mind; SB 12.6.30-31
manaḥ-indriya-asu-gaṇān the mind, senses and vital air; SB 12.6.69
manaḥ-ramam charming; SB 12.8.24
manaḥ the mind of the sage; SB 12.8.25
manaḥ the mind; SB 12.8.40
manaḥ His mind; SB 12.11.6-8
manaḥ-vyāsańgam opposing attachments; CC Adi 1.59
manaḥ of the mind; CC Adi 4.174
manaḥ-gatiḥ the movement of the mind; CC Adi 4.205
mat-manaḥ-gatam the intention of My mind; CC Adi 4.213
manaḥ the mind; CC Adi 5.35
manaḥ ca as well as the mind; CC Adi 5.83
manaḥ-vṛtti mental functions; CC Adi 6.58-59
kāya-manaḥ-vākye by His body, mind and words; CC Adi 6.92
manaḥ-rathena concoction; CC Adi 8.58
kāya-manaḥ-vākye with heart and soul; CC Adi 8.62
manaḥ-bale by the strength of mind; CC Adi 13.100
manaḥ-bale by the strength of the mind; CC Adi 13.102
manaḥ-bale by the strength of the mind; CC Adi 13.103
manaḥ-harām which are so beautiful; CC Adi 14.5
ku-manāḥ a person interested in activities of material sense enjoyment; CC Adi 15.1
su-manaḥ a flower; CC Adi 15.1
manaḥ-harā very beautiful; CC Adi 15.4
manaḥ-duḥkha mentally very much aggrieved; CC Adi 17.62
manaḥ the mind; CC Madhya 1.76
manaḥ-ratha desires; CC Madhya 1.206
manaḥ-nayana-amṛtam nectar for the mind and eyes; CC Madhya 2.74
manaḥ-netra-utsava festival of the mind and eyes; CC Madhya 2.75
gantu-manāḥ thinking of going; CC Madhya 3.1
manaḥ-kathā the intentions; CC Madhya 3.66
manaḥ-nayana mind and eyes; CC Madhya 6.145-146
manaḥ mind; CC Madhya 6.164
manaḥ-ratha desires; CC Madhya 8.73
mānaḥ anger; CC Madhya 8.111
manaḥ of the mind; CC Madhya 8.177
manaḥ-bhava the mental situation; CC Madhya 8.194
manaḥ the mind; CC Madhya 8.224
manaḥ-rame most beautiful; CC Madhya 9.32
manaḥ the mind; CC Madhya 9.123
kāya-manaḥ-vākye with My body, mind and words; CC Madhya 12.50
āmāra manaḥ-vāñchā the desire of My mind; CC Madhya 13.131
mānaḥ anger; CC Madhya 14.163
manaḥ-kathā words in his mind; CC Madhya 16.234
jagat-manaḥ-mohana of Kṛṣṇa, who attracts the mind of the whole universe; CC Madhya 17.212
manaḥ-gatiḥ the movement of the mind; CC Madhya 19.171
manaḥ mind; CC Madhya 19.207-209
manaḥ mind; CC Madhya 20.59
bhūri-mānaḥ a brāhmaṇa proud of possessing such qualities; CC Madhya 20.59
manaḥ ca as well as the mind; CC Madhya 20.267
vāk-manaḥ-gamya within the reach of words and mind; CC Madhya 21.26
gopī-manaḥ-rathe on the chariots of the minds of the gopīs; CC Madhya 21.107
manaḥ-kṣobha agitation of the mind; CC Madhya 21.132
mat-manāḥ whose mind is always on Me; CC Madhya 22.57-58
manaḥ-rathena by mental concoction; CC Madhya 22.76
manaḥ-vākye by mind or by words; CC Madhya 22.120
manaḥ the mind; CC Madhya 22.137-139
manaḥ-hārī attractive; CC Madhya 23.75
manaḥ-buddhiḥ mind and intelligence; CC Madhya 23.107
manaḥ the mind; CC Madhya 24.12
manaḥ-haṃsa my mind, which is like a swan; CC Madhya 25.271
manaḥ-bhṛńga-gaṇa the bumblebees of your minds; CC Madhya 25.273
manaḥ the mind; CC Antya 1.79
manaḥ the mind; CC Antya 1.114
manaḥ-ratha-latā the creeper of growing love; CC Antya 1.151
manaḥ-hara mind-attracting; CC Antya 1.165
jagat-manāḥ the minds of the whole world; CC Antya 1.177
manaḥ-kari-indrasya of the elephant-like mind; CC Antya 1.191
manaḥ-rathaiḥ by mental desires; CC Antya 1.191
manaḥ-gocara nahe it is not possible to conceive; CC Antya 3.88
manaḥ mind; CC Antya 4.69
bhūri-mānaḥ a brāhmaṇa proud of possessing such qualities; CC Antya 4.69
manaḥ-dharma speculative mental creations; CC Antya 4.176
manaḥ-kathā decisions; CC Antya 4.216
kāya-manaḥ-vākye with body, mind and words; CC Antya 6.173
manaḥ of the minds; CC Antya 6.264
manaḥ-kāma the desires of the mind; CC Antya 11.90
manaḥ-duḥkha distress in the mind; CC Antya 12.38
manaḥ mind; CC Antya 13.1
manaḥ-tāpa burning of the mind; CC Antya 15.13
manaḥ-vakṣa the minds and breasts; CC Antya 15.74
manaḥ of the mind; CC Antya 15.78
manaḥ mind; CC Antya 15.84
manaḥ mind; CC Antya 16.26
bhūri-mānaḥ a brāhmaṇa proud of possessing such qualities; CC Antya 16.26
manaḥ-kathā intention; CC Antya 16.72
manaḥ-nayana to the mind and eyes; CC Antya 17.51
manaḥ-vege at the speed of mind; CC Antya 18.34
manaḥ-pīḍā distress in the mind; CC Antya 20.51
manaḥ-buddhi mind and intelligence; CC Antya 20.93
manaḥ O mind; MM 10
manaḥ of the minds; MM 32
manaḥ O mind; MM 32
manaḥ of the mind; MM 46