mat-arthe for my sake; BG 1.9
mat-paraḥ in relationship with Me; BG 2.61
mat-mayā fully in Me; BG 4.10
mat-bhāvam transcendental love for Me; BG 4.10
mat upon Me (Kṛṣṇa); BG 6.13-14
mat Me; BG 6.13-14
mat-saṃsthām the spiritual sky (the kingdom of God); BG 6.15
mat-gatena abiding in Me, always thinking of Me; BG 6.47
mat-āśrayaḥ in consciousness of Me (Kṛṣṇa consciousness); BG 7.1
mat My; BG 7.23
mat-bhāvam My nature; BG 8.5
mat-sthāni in Me; BG 9.4
mat-sthāni situated in Me; BG 9.5
mat-sthāni situated in Me; BG 9.6
mat My; BG 9.25
mat unto Me; BG 9.27
mat-manāḥ always thinking of Me; BG 9.34
mat My; BG 9.34
mat My; BG 9.34
mat-parāyaṇaḥ devoted to Me; BG 9.34
mat-bhāvāḥ born of Me; BG 10.6
mat-cittāḥ their minds fully engaged in Me; BG 10.9
mat-gata-prāṇāḥ their lives devoted to Me; BG 10.9
mat having; BG 10.41
śrī-mat beautiful; BG 10.41
mat-anugrahāya just to show me favor; BG 11.1
mat-karma-kṛt engaged in doing My work; BG 11.55
mat-paramaḥ considering Me the Supreme; BG 11.55
mat-bhaktaḥ engaged in My devotional service; BG 11.55
mat-parāḥ being attached to Me; BG 12.6-7
mat-karma My work; BG 12.10
mat-artham for My sake; BG 12.10
mat unto Me; BG 12.11
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; BG 12.13-14
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; BG 12.16
mat-paramāḥ taking Me, the Supreme Lord, as everything; BG 12.20
mat-param subordinate to Me; BG 13.13
śruti-mat having ears; BG 13.14
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; BG 13.19
mat-bhāvāya to My nature; BG 13.19
mat-bhāvam to My spiritual nature; BG 14.19
mat-bhaktim My devotional service; BG 18.54
mat-vyapāśrayaḥ under My protection; BG 18.56
mat-prasādāt by My mercy; BG 18.56
mat-paraḥ under My protection; BG 18.57
mat-cittaḥ in consciousness of Me; BG 18.57
mat of Me; BG 18.58
mat-prasādāt by My mercy; BG 18.58
mat-manāḥ thinking of Me; BG 18.65
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; BG 18.65
mat-yājī My worshiper; BG 18.65
mat of Mine; BG 18.68
mat by me; SB 1.5.39
mat Mine; SB 1.6.22
mat-janatām My associates; SB 1.6.23
mat Mine; SB 1.6.24
mat by me; SB 1.8.51
mat-pratijñām my own promise; SB 1.9.37
mat-vadha-artham for the purpose of killing me; SB 1.9.38
mat my; SB 1.17.5
mat-bhayam fear me; SB 1.17.14
mat My; SB 2.9.21
mat My; SB 2.9.32
mat-aṃśaiḥ with My descendants; SB 3.3.14
mat-siddhi-kāmena with a desire to achieve My association; SB 3.4.11
mat My; SB 3.4.12
mat-mahimā My transcendental glories; SB 3.4.13
mat-āśrayam concerning Myself; SB 3.4.30
mat to Myself; SB 3.4.31
mat-vayunam knowledge of Me (the Personality of Godhead); SB 3.4.31
mat-pramukhāḥ coming from the total cosmos, the mahat-tattva; SB 3.5.51
mat My; SB 3.9.30
mat My; SB 3.9.34
mat Me; SB 3.9.37
mat-stotram prayers for Me; SB 3.9.38
mat-kathā words regarding My activities; SB 3.9.38
mat My; SB 3.9.38
mat of Me; SB 3.9.41
mat my; SB 3.14.38
maṇi-mat gem-studded; SB 3.15.41
vibhūti-mat the abode of the goddess of fortune; SB 3.19.15
mat possessing; SB 3.20.53
mat-arhaṇam worship of Me; SB 3.21.24
mat-arthe on my account; SB 3.23.6
mat to me; SB 3.23.7
cakṣuḥ-mat as if possessed of eyes; SB 3.23.19
mat-kṛte for My sake; SB 3.25.22
mat-āśrayāḥ about Me; SB 3.25.23
mat-gata fixed on Me; SB 3.25.23
mat-racana My activities of creation and so on; SB 3.25.26
mat-pāda-sevā the service of My lotus feet; SB 3.25.34
mat-īhāḥ endeavoring to attain Me; SB 3.25.34
mat-parāḥ My devotees; SB 3.25.38
mat than Myself; SB 3.25.41
mat-bhayāt out of fear of Me; SB 3.25.42
mat-bhayāt out of fear of Me; SB 3.25.42
mat-bhayāt out of fear of Me; SB 3.25.42
mat-kathā stories about Me; SB 3.27.6
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 3.27.28-29
mat-prasādena by My causeless mercy; SB 3.27.28-29
mat-āśrayam under My protection; SB 3.27.28-29
mat of Me; SB 3.29.11-12
mat My; SB 3.29.13
mat-bhāvāya to My transcendental stage; SB 3.29.14
mat My; SB 3.29.16
mat of Me; SB 3.29.16
mat-dharmaṇaḥ of My devotee; SB 3.29.19
mat-sevayā by rendering service unto Me; SB 3.31.39
mat-māyām My māyā; SB 3.31.41
mat-niṣṭhaḥ directed towards Me; SB 3.32.32
mat My; SB 3.32.40
mat-cittaḥ his mind fixed on Me; SB 3.32.43
mat-āśrayāt from connection with me; SB 4.3.20
mat-vacaḥ my words; SB 4.3.25
mat-bhaṭānām of all my associates; SB 4.5.4
mat-paraḥ My devotee; SB 4.7.53
bhakti-mat according to the regulative principles of devotional service; SB 4.8.59-60
mat-sthānam to My abode; SB 4.9.25
mat-ādeśa according to my instruction; SB 4.12.42
mat my; SB 4.17.22
mat-bāṇaiḥ by my arrows; SB 4.17.25
mat from Me; SB 4.20.16
mat of Me; SB 4.20.33
mat possessing; SB 4.23.11
mat than me; SB 4.24.30
ṛddhi-mat still more beautified on account of this; SB 4.24.47-48
mat-gītam the song composed by me or sung by me; SB 4.24.76
mat-gīta sung by me; SB 4.24.77
vipruṭ-mat carrying particles of water; SB 4.25.18
mat my; SB 4.27.22
mat-parā always devoted to me; SB 4.28.19
mat-antāḥ ending with me; SB 4.29.42-44
mat-dhāma My abode; SB 4.30.18
mat-vārtā in topics about Me; SB 4.30.19
mat-karmabhiḥ by working for Me; SB 5.5.10-13
mat-kathayā by hearing topics about Me; SB 5.5.10-13
mat-deva-sańgāt by association with My devotees; SB 5.5.10-13
mat-bhāva thinking of Me; SB 5.5.10-13
mat-loka-kāmaḥ desiring to go to My abode; SB 5.5.15
mat-anugraha-arthaḥ thinking that to achieve My mercy is the aim of life; SB 5.5.15
mat-paraḥ My devotee; SB 5.5.21-22
mat-dhiṣṇyatayā because of being My sitting place; SB 5.5.26
mat-parāyaṇasya of one who is so dependent upon me; SB 5.8.9
mat-prāptaye to obtain my mercy; SB 5.18.22
smṛti-mat janma a birth enabling one to remember the lotus feet of the Lord; SB 5.19.28
mat than me; SB 6.3.12
mat-parayā whose object is Me; SB 6.4.43
mat-vidhaḥ a person like me; SB 6.7.35
mat-upasthāna-vidyayā by the highly advanced knowledge and prayers offered unto Me; SB 6.9.47
mat-ātmakam consisting of Myself; SB 6.9.53
mat-tejaḥ by My strength; SB 6.9.54
mat-parān My devotees; SB 6.9.55
mat-śūla by my trident; SB 6.11.14
mat-śūla by my trident; SB 6.11.16
mat-bhāvam My spiritual position; SB 6.16.57
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 6.16.61-62
mat my; SB 7.2.7-8
akhila-ṛddhi-mat possessing the opulence of the entire universe; SB 7.4.8
mat-darśanam the seeing of Me (or offering of prayers to Me or hearing about Me, all of which are absolute); SB 7.4.25-26
mat-praṇītam educated by me; SB 7.5.28
mat-anubhāṣitam what was spoken by me; SB 7.7.1
mat-śāsana from my ruling; SB 7.8.5
mat-anyaḥ besides me; SB 7.8.12
mat-prāṇa-rakṣaṇam saving my life; SB 7.9.29
mat-aparaḥ other than me; SB 7.9.29
mat-bhaktāḥ My devotees; SB 7.10.19
mat-bhāva because of devotional service unto Me; SB 7.10.20
mat-bhaktāḥ My pure devotees; SB 7.10.21
mat-ańga My body; SB 7.10.22
mat-paraḥ just for the sake of My work; SB 7.10.23
mat-kalām My expanded part; SB 8.4.17-24
mat-āśrayām all dependent upon Me; SB 8.4.17-24
mat-ripoḥ of my enemy; SB 8.15.27
mat-śāsana-atigaḥ surpassing the jurisdiction of my administration; SB 8.20.15
mat-anugrahaḥ should be considered to have received My special mercy; SB 8.22.26
mat-paraḥ My pure devotee; SB 8.22.27
mat-āśrayaḥ completely under My protection; SB 8.22.31
mat-anubhāvam My superexcellent power; SB 8.22.36
mat-darśana by seeing Me in that form; SB 8.23.10
mat-satra-pariśeṣitam the remnants of the sacrifice executed on my behalf; SB 9.4.11
mat-bhaktaiḥ with My devotees; SB 9.4.64
mat-sevayā by being engaged fully in My transcendental loving service; SB 9.4.67
mat-anyat anything else but me; SB 9.4.68
mat-agham my offenses; SB 9.5.17
ṛddhi-mat extremely opulent in all respects; SB 9.6.43
mat-kṣetrāt from the womb meant for me to impregnate; SB 9.14.9
mat-vidhā exactly resembling my behavior; SB 9.19.2
mat-sthānam my place; SB 9.23.34
mat-ańgam my body; SB 10.1.4
mat My; SB 10.3.33
mat-ātmanoḥ simply engaged in consciousness of Me; SB 10.3.36
mat-sadṛśam exactly like Me; SB 10.3.40
mat-bhavam Viṣṇu's appearance; SB 10.3.44
mat-gatim My supreme abode; SB 10.3.45
mat-prasādena by my mercy; SB 10.10.20-22
mat-anugrahāt by my special favor; SB 10.10.20-22
mat-kṛta-ātmanām of persons who are fully surrendered, determined to render service unto Me; SB 10.10.41
mat-paramau accepting Me as the supreme destination of life; SB 10.10.42
mat-suhṛdoḥ of my brother and sister; SB 10.12.15
mat-māyā-mohita-itare different from those who were mystified by my illusory potency; SB 10.13.42
mat-anugrahasya which has shown mercy to me; SB 10.14.2
mat My; SB 10.16.61
mat-ākrīḍe the place of My pastime; SB 10.16.62
mat-pāda with My feet; SB 10.16.63
mat having; SB 10.20.25
mat-arcanam worship of Me; SB 10.22.25
mat-śaraṇam having taken shelter of Me; SB 10.25.18
mat-nātham who have Me as their master; SB 10.25.18
mat-parigraham My own family; SB 10.25.18
mat-hasta from My hand; SB 10.25.21
mat-vidha like me; SB 10.27.7
mat-anusmṛtaye for the sake of remembrance of Me; SB 10.27.15
mat-abhisnehāt because of love for Me; SB 10.29.23
mat My; SB 10.32.21
śrī-mat divine; SB 10.34.9
dṛśi-mat for all who have eyes; SB 10.38.14
mat having; SB 10.39.46-48
mat by me; SB 10.42.3
mat possessing; SB 10.42.16
mat My; SB 10.45.45
mat from Me; SB 10.46.3
mat brought from Me; SB 10.46.3
mat absorbed in Me; SB 10.46.4
mat fixed upon Me; SB 10.46.4
mat-arthe for My sake; SB 10.46.4
mat-arthe for My sake; SB 10.46.4
mat-ātmikāḥ who are fully dedicated to Me; SB 10.46.6
mat upon Me; SB 10.47.34
mat-vīrya upon My valorous pastimes; SB 10.47.37
ṛddhi-mat supremely opulent; SB 10.48.10
mat my; SB 10.50.18
mat in Me; SB 10.51.62
mat to Me; SB 10.53.3
śrī-mat opulent; SB 10.53.8-9
mat my; SB 10.53.23
mat my; SB 10.53.24
śrī-mat opulent; SB 10.53.34
mat endowed; SB 10.59.32
mat to Me; SB 10.60.29
mat to me; SB 10.62.8
mat My; SB 10.63.29
mat consisting of; SB 10.66.17
śrī-mat opulent; SB 10.69.7-8
mat to Me; SB 10.72.11
mat-cittāḥ with minds fixed on Me; SB 10.73.22
śrī-mat beautiful; SB 10.75.33
mat Me; SB 10.76.29
śrī-mat opulent; SB 10.80.16-17
mat to me; SB 10.80.40
mat to me; SB 10.82.18
mat for Me; SB 10.82.44
mat Me; SB 10.82.44
mat my; SB 10.83.20
mat (fixed) upon me; SB 10.83.21
śrī-mat divine; SB 10.83.41-42
mat My; SB 10.85.51
mat upon Me; SB 10.86.53
mat My; SB 10.86.56
mat of Me; SB 10.86.56
mat (as you have) for Me; SB 10.86.57
mat to Me; SB 10.88.9
mat My; SB 10.88.9
mat-gatān who are devoted to Me; SB 10.89.10-11
mat-saṃśrayasya which has fully taken shelter of Me; SB 11.1.4
mat-ātmakam pervaded by Me; SB 11.7.12
mat besides me; SB 11.8.33
mat-āśrayaḥ one who accepts Me as shelter; SB 11.10.1
mat-paraḥ one who is dedicated to Me; SB 11.10.4
mat-paraḥ one who is devoted to Me; SB 11.10.5
mat-abhijñam one who knows Me as I am in My personal form; SB 11.10.5
mat-ātmakam who is not different from Me; SB 11.10.5
mat of Me; SB 11.10.30
mat-kathāḥ narrations about Me; SB 11.11.23-24
mat-arthe for My pleasure; SB 11.11.23-24
mat in Me; SB 11.11.23-24
mat-śaraṇaḥ accepting Me as the only shelter; SB 11.11.29-32
mat-lińga My appearance in this world as the Deity, etc.; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-bhakta jana My devotees; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-kathā topics about Me; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-anudhyānam always meditating on Me; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-janma-karma-kathanam glorifying My birth and activities; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-gṛha in My temple; SB 11.11.34-41
mat-rūpam My transcendental form; SB 11.11.46
mat-smṛtiḥ realized knowledge of Me; SB 11.11.47
mat My; SB 11.12.3-6
mat-sańgāt simply by association with Me and My devotees; SB 11.12.7
mat Me; SB 11.12.13
mat-bhakti by devotional service to Me; SB 11.13.2
mat-śiṣyaiḥ by My devotees; SB 11.13.14
mat-ātmanaḥ having Me as the Supreme Soul; SB 11.13.25
mat-rūpaḥ one who has realized that he is not different from Me, and who is thus absorbed in My form, pastimes, etc.; SB 11.13.26
mat-māyayā by the influence of My illusory potency; SB 11.13.33
mat-ātmakaḥ identical with Me; SB 11.14.3
mat-mayā by My illusory potency; SB 11.14.9
mat Me; SB 11.14.14
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 11.14.18
mat-viṣayā with Me as the object; SB 11.14.19
mat-niṣṭhā fixing Me as the only goal; SB 11.14.21
mat-bhaktyā devotional service to Me; SB 11.14.22
mat-bhakti-yuktaḥ one fixed in devotional service to Me; SB 11.14.24
mat-bhakti-yogena by loving service to Me; SB 11.14.25
mat-puṇya-gāthā the pious narrations of My glories; SB 11.14.26
mat-bhāva by consciousness of Me; SB 11.14.28
mat to Me; SB 11.14.44
mat-pradhānāḥ have their shelter in Me; SB 11.15.3
mat-manāḥ the yogī whose mind is fixed in Me; SB 11.15.13
mat-dharmā being endowed with My nature; SB 11.15.16
mat-dhāraṇā of meditation in Me; SB 11.15.21
mat-yoga-balam My inconceivable mystic potency, by which I manifest innumerable forms; SB 11.15.22
mat in Me; SB 11.15.25
mat-paraḥ having faith in Me; SB 11.15.26
mat from Me; SB 11.15.27
mat-bhaktyā by devotion to Me; SB 11.15.28
mat-yoga by devotional connection with Me; SB 11.15.29
mat My; SB 11.15.30
mat in Me; SB 11.15.32
mat-parāyaṇaḥ who is devoted to Me; SB 11.16.44
mat unto Me; SB 11.16.44
mat-bhaktiḥ devotional service unto Me; SB 11.17.16
mat-bhāvaḥ perceiving My existence; SB 11.17.34-35
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 11.17.36
mat-parāyaṇam surrendered to Me; SB 11.17.44
mat-rūpāṇi manifestations of My potency; SB 11.17.50
mat-cittaḥ his mind fixed in Me; SB 11.18.11
mat in Me; SB 11.18.21
mat-bhāvena by consciousness of Me; SB 11.18.23
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 11.18.28
mat of Me; SB 11.18.37
mat Me; SB 11.18.38
mat of Me; SB 11.18.43
mat of Me; SB 11.18.44
mat-bhaktim devotional service unto Me; SB 11.18.44
mat-gatiḥ My supreme position; SB 11.18.46
mat-bhakti with devotional service to Me; SB 11.18.47
mat Me; SB 11.19.2
mat unto Me; SB 11.19.19
mat of Me; SB 11.19.20-24
mat My; SB 11.19.20-24
mat of Me; SB 11.19.20-24
mat-artheṣu for the sake of serving Me; SB 11.19.20-24
mat-guṇa My transcendental qualities; SB 11.19.20-24
mat-arthe for My sake; SB 11.19.20-24
mat-artham for the sake of achieving Me; SB 11.19.20-24
mat My; SB 11.19.27
mat-arcanam worship of Me; SB 11.19.33-35
mat in Me; SB 11.19.36-39
mat-bhaktiḥ devotional service unto Me; SB 11.19.40-45
mat to Me; SB 11.19.40-45
mat-kathā-ādau in the narrations, songs, philosophy, dramatical performances, etc., that describe My glories; SB 11.20.8
mat-kathā of discourses about Me; SB 11.20.9
mat to Me; SB 11.20.11
mat-kathāsu in the descriptions of My glories; SB 11.20.27-28
mat-bhakti-yuktasya of one who is engaged in My loving service; SB 11.20.31
mat-ātmanaḥ whose mind is fixed in Me; SB 11.20.31
mat-bhakti-yogena by loving service unto Me; SB 11.20.32-33
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 11.20.32-33
mat-dhāma residence in My abode; SB 11.20.32-33
mat-sthānam My personal abode; SB 11.20.37
mat-pathaḥ means for achieving Me; SB 11.21.1
mat-smṛtyā by remembrance of Me; SB 11.21.14
mat-arpaṇam offering unto Me; SB 11.21.15
mat than Me; SB 11.21.42
mat-sakhaḥ my friend; SB 11.23.44
mat My; SB 11.24.11
mat My; SB 11.24.14
mat realization of Me; SB 11.25.16
mat-arpaṇam offered unto Me; SB 11.25.23
mat-niṣṭham concentrated upon Me; SB 11.25.24
mat-niketam My residence; SB 11.25.25
mat-apāśrayaḥ he who has taken shelter of Me; SB 11.25.26
mat-sevāyām in My devotional service; SB 11.25.27
mat-apāśrayam within Me; SB 11.25.29
mat-niṣṭhaḥ dedicated to Me; SB 11.25.32
mat-bhāvāya of love for Me; SB 11.25.32
mat-lakṣaṇam in which I can be realized; SB 11.26.1
mat-dharme in devotional service to Me; SB 11.26.1
mat-cittāḥ who have fixed their minds on Me; SB 11.26.27
mat-kathāḥ discussions about Me; SB 11.26.28
mat-parāḥ dedicated to Me; SB 11.26.29
mat-yāgaḥ My worship; SB 11.27.15
mat-arcām My Deity manifestation; SB 11.27.20
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; SB 11.27.32
surabhi-mat fragrant; SB 11.27.43
mat-kathāḥ stories about Me; SB 11.27.44
mat-pādayoḥ at My two feet; SB 11.27.46
mat-arcām My Deity form; SB 11.27.50
mat-sārṣṭitām opulence equal to Mine; SB 11.27.51
mat-sāmyatām the status of equality with Me (by having a transcendental, spiritual body similar to Mine); SB 11.27.52
mat by Me; SB 11.28.8
mat My; SB 11.28.25
mat-bhakti-yogena by devotional service to Me; SB 11.28.27
mat-paraḥ the devotee dedicated to Me; SB 11.28.43
mat-apāśrayaḥ having taken shelter of Me; SB 11.28.44
mat-artham for Me; SB 11.29.9
mat-dharma My devotional service; SB 11.29.9
mat-bhaktaiḥ by My devotees; SB 11.29.10
mat-bhakta of My devotees; SB 11.29.10
mat-bhāvena with the sense of My presence; SB 11.29.13-14
mat-bhāvam the personal presence of Me; SB 11.29.15
mat-bhāvaḥ the vision of My presence; SB 11.29.17
mat-bhāvaḥ seeing Me; SB 11.29.19
mat-dharmasya of My devotional service; SB 11.29.20
mat having; SB 11.29.24
mat-pāda emanating from My feet; SB 11.29.41-44
mat-dharma My transcendental qualities; SB 11.29.41-44
mat-anujñātaḥ given permission by Me; SB 11.30.39
mat-daśām My condition; SB 11.30.46
mat-dharmam in My devotional service; SB 11.30.49
mat-māyā by My illusory energy; SB 11.30.49
mat-putrasya of my son; SB 12.2.42
mat-pūrvā now under my sway; SB 12.2.42
mat-kṛte for the sake of me; SB 12.3.7
mat-kṛte for my sake; SB 12.3.8
mat-adhītam what has been taught by me; SB 12.6.63
mat-pituḥ of my father; SB 12.7.6
virakti-mat including renunciation; SB 12.10.37
mat-anubhavataḥ from realization of My sweetness; CC Adi 1.6
mat my; CC Adi 1.15
mat My; CC Adi 1.52
mat than Me; CC Adi 1.62
mat for Me; CC Adi 4.23
mat of Me; CC Adi 4.23
mat-mādhurya My sweetness; CC Adi 4.142
mat-artha for Me; CC Adi 4.176
mat of Me; CC Adi 4.205
mat-sevanam My service; CC Adi 4.207
mat of Me; CC Adi 4.208
mat-māhātmyam My greatness; CC Adi 4.213
mat-saparyām My service; CC Adi 4.213
mat-śraddhām respect for Me; CC Adi 4.213
mat-manaḥ-gatam the intention of My mind; CC Adi 4.213
mat-anubhavataḥ from realization of My sweetness; CC Adi 4.230
mat-arcanam for worshiping Me; CC Adi 14.69
mat my; CC Madhya 1.3
mat me; CC Madhya 1.190
mat-cāpalam My unsteadiness; CC Madhya 2.61
mat kaha do not speak; CC Madhya 6.116
mat-vimukhān averse to Me and addicted to fruitive activities and speculative knowledge; CC Madhya 6.181
mat My; CC Madhya 6.270
mat unto Me; CC Madhya 8.60
mat-bhaktim My devotional service; CC Madhya 8.65
mat-snehaḥ affection for Me; CC Madhya 8.89
mat-āpanaḥ the means of getting My favor; CC Madhya 8.89
mat-kathā of discourses about Me; CC Madhya 9.266
mat My; CC Madhya 9.268
mat-bhaktānām of My devotees; CC Madhya 11.28
mat-bhakta of My devotees; CC Madhya 11.29-30
mat-matiḥ realization of having a relationship with Me; CC Madhya 11.29-30
mat-artheṣu for the sake of My service; CC Madhya 11.29-30
mat-guṇa-īraṇam describing My glories; CC Madhya 11.29-30
mat myself; CC Madhya 11.47
mat-snehaḥ love and affection for Me; CC Madhya 13.160
mat-āpanaḥ the cause for getting Me back; CC Madhya 13.160
śrī-mat filled with all spiritual power; CC Madhya 14.13
mat-pratijñām my promise; CC Madhya 16.145
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; CC Madhya 19.50
mat of Me; CC Madhya 19.171
mat-sevanam My service; CC Madhya 19.173
mat-bhāvāya for direct touch with Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and My nature; CC Madhya 19.174
mat to Me; CC Madhya 19.211
mat-niṣṭhatā being fixed in My lotus feet; CC Madhya 19.212
mat-niṣṭhatā attachment for Me; CC Madhya 19.213
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; CC Madhya 20.58
mat-niṣṭhā fixed only on Me; CC Madhya 20.138
mat than Me; CC Madhya 20.147-148
vibhūti-mat extraordinarily opulent; CC Madhya 20.375
śrī-mat full of wealth; CC Madhya 20.375
mat-kathā-ādau in talk about Me; CC Madhya 22.50
mat-manāḥ whose mind is always on Me; CC Madhya 22.57-58
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; CC Madhya 22.57-58
mat-yājī My worshiper; CC Madhya 22.57-58
mat-kathā of discourses about Me; CC Madhya 22.61
mat-bhakti in My devotional service; CC Madhya 22.146
mat-ātmanaḥ whose mind is always engaged in Me; CC Madhya 22.146
mat-parāḥ devotees of Me; CC Madhya 22.162
mat my; CC Madhya 23.29
mat-cāpalam My unsteadiness; CC Madhya 23.31
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; CC Madhya 23.107
mat-paramāḥ accepting Me as the Supreme or the ultimate goal of life; CC Madhya 23.113
mat-viṣayā bhaktiḥ devotional service in relation to Me; CC Madhya 24.61
mat-bhaktim My devotional service; CC Madhya 24.132
mat of Me; CC Madhya 24.183
mat My; CC Madhya 25.109
mat-niṣṭhā fixed only on Me; CC Madhya 25.136
mat-bhaktim My devotional service; CC Madhya 25.155
mat my; CC Antya 1.5
mat-vidha of persons like me; CC Antya 1.138
mat of Me; CC Antya 1.170
mat-sevanam My service; CC Antya 3.189
māt jāne He does not know; CC Antya 9.126
mat-bhaktaḥ My devotee; CC Antya 16.25
mat-prāṇa-nāthaḥ the Lord of My life; CC Antya 20.47
kānti-mat shining; MM 8
mat my; MM 25
mat by me; MM 25
mat to me; MM 25