param-tapa O chastiser of the enemies; BG 2.3
ataḥ param hereafter; BG 2.12
param far superior things; BG 2.59
param the supreme; BG 3.11
param the Supreme; BG 3.19
param superior; BG 3.42
param superior; BG 3.43
param superior; BG 4.4
parām transcendental; BG 4.39
tat param Kṛṣṇa consciousness; BG 5.16
parām the highest; BG 6.45
parām superior; BG 7.5
param the Supreme; BG 7.13
param supreme; BG 7.24
param transcendental; BG 8.10
param supreme; BG 8.28
param transcendental; BG 9.11
parām to the supreme; BG 9.32
param supreme; BG 10.12-13
param supreme; BG 10.12-13
param supreme; BG 11.18
tat param transcendental; BG 11.37
param transcendental; BG 11.38
param transcendental; BG 11.38
param transcendental; BG 11.47
mat-param subordinate to Me; BG 13.13
param beyond; BG 13.18
parām the transcendental; BG 13.29
param the Supreme; BG 13.35
param transcendental; BG 14.1
parām transcendental; BG 14.1
param transcendental; BG 14.19
parām to the supreme; BG 16.22
parām the supreme; BG 16.23
parām transcendental; BG 18.54
parām transcendental; BG 18.62
parām transcendental; BG 18.68
param the supreme; BG 18.75
param absolute; SB 1.1.1
param the supreme; SB 1.2.28-29
param best; SB 1.2.28-29
ataḥ param thereafter; SB 1.3.22
param beyond; SB 1.3.32
param after the initiation; SB 1.6.3
param beyond; SB 1.8.18
param highest; SB 1.10.30
param the highest; SB 1.11.6
param others; SB 1.13.46
ananta-pāram which was insurmountable; SB 1.15.14
param Godhead; SB 1.15.44
param supreme; SB 1.18.17
param transcendental; SB 1.18.26
param the supreme; SB 1.19.21
param the supreme; SB 2.1.17
param param higher and higher; SB 2.2.13
param param higher and higher; SB 2.2.13
param the supreme; SB 2.2.18
param the Supreme; SB 2.2.21
param the Supreme; SB 2.3.9
param the supreme whole; SB 2.3.10
param heavy; SB 2.3.21
param under control; SB 2.5.2
param superior; SB 2.5.6
param the Supreme; SB 2.5.10
nārāyaṇa-param just with an aim to achieve Nārāyaṇa; SB 2.5.16
nārāyaṇa-param just to realize a glimpse of Nārāyaṇa; SB 2.5.16
param transcendental; SB 2.6.43-45
pāram limit; SB 2.7.41
param the supreme; SB 2.9.9
param further supreme; SB 2.9.9
param the Supreme; SB 2.9.17
param the supreme; SB 2.9.33
param the Supreme; SB 2.10.7
param transcendental; SB 2.10.34
param transcendental; SB 2.10.34
param most glorious; SB 2.10.44
param supreme; SB 3.2.12
param sublime; SB 3.4.13
param supreme; SB 3.4.18
param transcendental; SB 3.4.25
param transcendental; SB 3.7.17
ataḥ param beyond; SB 3.8.32
ataḥ param hereafter; SB 3.9.3
param after; SB 3.10.30
param final; SB 3.11.16
param the supreme; SB 3.11.42
param the supreme; SB 3.12.19
param the greatest; SB 3.13.12
utpāra-pāram found the limitation of the unlimited; SB 3.13.30
pāram limit; SB 3.13.45
parām transcendental; SB 3.13.49
param very much; SB 3.14.4
param the supreme; SB 3.15.6
parām the highest; SB 3.15.26
param the Supreme; SB 3.15.47
param highest; SB 3.16.4
param the highest; SB 3.16.17
paraḥ-param with one another; SB 3.17.14
param transcendental; SB 3.19.33
param highest; SB 3.22.20
bhagavat-param who was a great devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 3.22.34
param bhāvam your transcendent situation; SB 3.23.54
param supreme; SB 3.24.10
param transcendental; SB 3.24.33
param beyond; SB 3.24.43
prakṛteḥ param transcendental to material existence; SB 3.25.17
param transcendental; SB 3.26.8
param greater; SB 3.29.33
param transcendental; SB 3.29.36
param afterwards; SB 3.31.2
param transcendental; SB 3.31.14
pāram culmination; SB 3.31.39
param topmost; SB 3.31.39
param transcendental; SB 3.32.26
param supreme; SB 3.33.8
parām supreme; SB 3.33.10
param supreme; SB 3.33.30
param-tapa O annihilator of enemies; SB 4.1.14
ca bhagavat-parām and a great devotee of the Lord; SB 4.1.43
param merely; SB 4.3.21
param another; SB 4.4.19
param greatest; SB 4.5.23
param the Supreme; SB 4.6.42
param transcendental world; SB 4.6.45
param the supreme; SB 4.7.25
param supreme; SB 4.7.50
param supreme; SB 4.7.61
pāram limitation; SB 4.8.17
pāram to the other side; SB 4.8.33
param transcendental; SB 4.9.13
param supreme; SB 4.9.65
param supreme; SB 4.11.5
param the foremost; SB 4.11.31
param supreme; SB 4.12.25
param supreme, transcendental; SB 4.16.25
param only; SB 4.20.4
param padam to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord; SB 4.21.7
param superior; SB 4.21.40
param transcendental; SB 4.22.28
param transcendental; SB 4.22.51
tataḥ param thereafter; SB 4.23.5
param ultimate; SB 4.23.9
param ultimate; SB 4.23.35
param transcendental; SB 4.24.28
param above; SB 4.24.29
param transcendental; SB 4.24.31
param transcendental; SB 4.24.60
param transcendental; SB 4.24.75
param transcendental; SB 4.25.5
param transcendence; SB 4.25.6
param transcendental; SB 4.25.29
tataḥ param beyond that; SB 4.25.34
param the goal of life; SB 4.27.4
param the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 4.27.4
parām very great; SB 4.27.17
param and afterward; SB 4.28.31
param the supreme; SB 4.28.42
param supreme; SB 4.29.26-27
param-parā a series one after another; SB 4.29.36-37
param the Supreme; SB 4.29.45
param supreme; SB 4.29.49
param the Supreme; SB 4.30.2
param transcendental; SB 4.31.16
param only; SB 5.2.10
param ultimate; SB 5.3.9
parām transcendental; SB 5.4.4
param to the transcendental world; SB 5.5.9
param superior; SB 5.5.23
parām transcendental; SB 5.7.11
param only; SB 5.9.9-10
pāram the ultimate end; SB 5.13.14
ati-pāram to the ultimate end of spiritual existence; SB 5.13.20
pāram the other end; SB 5.14.38
param only this earth; SB 5.14.40
param the best; SB 5.17.18
param other thing; SB 5.18.20
ataḥ param after this; SB 5.20.1
param other; SB 5.24.25
param better means; SB 6.2.46
param higher; SB 6.3.16
param best; SB 6.4.21
param beyond; SB 6.4.25
param transcendental; SB 6.4.32
param supreme; SB 6.4.43
param higher; SB 6.7.13
nārāyaṇa-param fully intent on Lord Nārāyaṇa; SB 6.8.4-6
param transcendental; SB 6.9.26-27
ataḥ param and hereafter, in the future; SB 6.15.2
param transcendental; SB 6.15.20
param the supreme abode; SB 6.15.28
param the Supreme; SB 6.16.38
param brahma the Supreme Absolute Truth; SB 6.16.51
param the Supreme; SB 6.16.53-54
param transcendental; SB 6.16.56
param another; SB 6.17.19
param liberation; SB 6.18.74
param supreme; SB 6.19.11
brahma param the Supreme Brahman; SB 7.1.19
param another; SB 7.2.60
param higher; SB 7.3.32
parām highest; SB 7.4.42
param only or ultimately; SB 7.6.4
param very great; SB 7.7.2
param the Supreme; SB 7.7.40
param the only means; SB 7.9.46
param brahma the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 7.10.48
param the supreme knowledge (by which one can attain devotional service); SB 7.11.2
param supreme; SB 7.11.4
param the Supreme; SB 7.12.16
param that much only; SB 7.13.2
param the supreme; SB 7.13.4
param supreme; SB 7.13.6
param who are transcendental, beyond this material world; SB 7.15.40
param the Supreme Lord; SB 7.15.42
param transcendental; SB 7.15.75
param brahma as the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 7.15.79
param who is transcendental; SB 8.2.32
param transcendental; SB 8.3.20-21
param who is transcendental; SB 8.3.26
param transcendental; SB 8.5.19-20
param transcendental to, beyond; SB 8.5.24
param transcendental; SB 8.5.29
ananta-pāram unlimited, beyond the measurement of material time and space; SB 8.5.29
puruṣam param the Supreme Personality; SB 8.6.3-7
param transcendental; SB 8.7.31
param transcendental; SB 8.7.35
param the actual transcendental position; SB 8.7.35
parām the ultimate; SB 8.8.28
parām the best; SB 8.10.3
adbhutam param it was extraordinarily wonderful; SB 8.11.32
param transcendental; SB 8.12.9
param transcendental; SB 8.12.9
param very much; SB 8.12.13
param the supreme; SB 8.16.11
param the best; SB 8.16.58
param as long as that of Lord Brahmā; SB 8.17.10
param the Supreme; SB 8.18.11
alīka-param the most heinous liar; SB 8.20.4
param beyond that; SB 8.20.34
param supreme; SB 8.23.17
param adbhutam uncommon and wonderful; SB 8.23.26-27
pāram the measurement; SB 8.23.29
parām gatim to the supreme perfection, back home, back to Godhead; SB 8.23.30
param brahma the Supreme Brahman, the Absolute Truth; SB 8.24.38
param very much; SB 9.1.28
param the ultimate goal; SB 9.2.14
param the transcendental world; SB 9.2.15
param transcendental; SB 9.4.17
param elevation to the heavenly planets or becoming one by merging into Brahman; SB 9.4.65
param transcendental; SB 9.5.5
param supreme; SB 9.6.10
param enemies; SB 9.6.19
param uncommon; SB 9.6.39-40
param transcendental; SB 9.8.21
param ultimate; SB 9.9.14
brahma param Parabrahman, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa; SB 9.9.49
tataḥ param whatever remained; SB 9.16.20
param great; SB 9.16.27
param superior life; SB 9.18.43
parām great; SB 9.21.12
param as the ultimate goal of life; SB 9.21.16
param the supreme; SB 9.22.21-24
param transcendental knowledge; SB 9.22.38
param-tapa O king who can suppress enemies; SB 9.24.12
param transcendental; SB 9.24.67
satya-param who is the Absolute Truth (as stated in the beginning of Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, satyaṃ paraṃ dhīmahi); SB 10.2.26
param padam the highest position (according to their imagination and speculation); SB 10.2.32
param transcendental; SB 10.3.12
parām which is transcendental, beyond this material world; SB 10.3.45
param the Supreme Person; SB 10.3.53
param ca api or another; SB 10.7.23
param añjanam the best ointment for the eyes, by which to see things as they are; SB 10.10.13
param perfectly; SB 10.10.13
param perfect; SB 10.10.15
param but; SB 10.12.26
param very much; SB 10.12.42
prāptaḥ param vismayam had become extremely astonished; SB 10.13.15
param the Supreme; SB 10.13.22
param the Supreme; SB 10.13.61
parām supreme; SB 10.14.5
param something else; SB 10.14.27
param something else; SB 10.14.27
param padam the supreme abode, Vaikuṇṭha; SB 10.14.58
param only; SB 10.17.12
avarohaṇataḥ param beyond the place marked for climbing down; SB 10.18.25
param other; SB 10.21.7
parām supreme; SB 10.27.25
pāram the state of transcendence; SB 10.28.5
param beyond; SB 10.28.14
param only; SB 10.29.12
parām transcendental; SB 10.33.39
parām exceptional; SB 10.38.2
parām the highest; SB 10.38.40
pāram adhvanaḥ beyond our sight; SB 10.39.26
param transcendental; SB 10.40.3
param supreme; SB 10.41.33
param ultimate; SB 10.41.46
parām transcendental; SB 10.41.51
param merely; SB 10.42.26-27
param-tapa 0 chastiser of enemies; SB 10.43.1
param Supreme; SB 10.43.17
param the greatest; SB 10.43.37
parām to the supreme; SB 10.46.32-33
param supreme; SB 10.47.26
param the highest; SB 10.47.47
param alone; SB 10.47.58
param cause; SB 10.48.18
pāram whose limit; SB 10.50.25-28
param at most; SB 10.50.25-28
param supreme; SB 10.51.56
parām who is solely dedicated; SB 10.53.3
param only; SB 10.54.13
param only; SB 10.62.6
param supreme; SB 10.63.34
param supreme; SB 10.65.29
param transcendental; SB 10.69.30
param beyond; SB 10.70.4-5
param merely; SB 10.71.8
parām the highest; SB 10.71.26
param one who is dedicated; SB 10.72.11
param best; SB 10.78.39
pāram the transcending; SB 10.80.31
param greater; SB 10.81.39
param only; SB 10.83.19
param only; SB 10.83.24
param transcendental; SB 10.84.19
param rather; SB 10.84.24-25
param only; SB 10.86.8
param only; SB 10.86.44
param separate; SB 10.86.45
param the Supreme; SB 10.87.12-13
param distinct; SB 10.87.17
param beyond; SB 10.88.25-26
param of enemies; SB 10.89.34
param beyond; SB 10.89.51
param transcendental; SB 10.89.51
pāram whose expanse; SB 10.89.51
param the highest; SB 10.90.29
parām śāntim supreme peace; SB 11.2.43
param next (after this life); SB 11.3.20
param the Supreme; SB 11.3.32
param to be the Supreme; SB 11.3.35
param beyond; SB 11.3.37
param transcendental; SB 11.3.41
param only; SB 11.5.8
param of the Supreme; SB 11.5.28
param to the Supreme; SB 11.5.45
ananta-pāram unlimited; SB 11.7.18
param the Lord, who is transcendental; SB 11.9.4
param transcendental and supreme; SB 11.10.11
param only, or completely; SB 11.10.18
param the Supreme Lord; SB 11.16.37
param the Supreme; SB 11.17.32
param back home, back to Godhead; SB 11.18.14
param other; SB 11.18.15
param the Supreme; SB 11.18.48
param supreme; SB 11.19.19
param the supreme; SB 11.19.36-39
param the supreme; SB 11.19.36-39
param the Supreme Lord; SB 11.20.16
param the best; SB 11.20.35
param beyond; SB 11.20.36
param merely; SB 11.21.23
ananta-pāram without limit; SB 11.21.36
ananta-pārām limitless; SB 11.21.38-40
param rather only; SB 11.23.42
duranta-pāram the insurmountable; SB 11.23.57
param beyond; SB 11.24.12
parām the transcendental form; SB 11.27.23
param the Supreme; SB 11.28.26
param supreme; SB 11.29.25
parām transcendental; SB 11.29.28
tataḥ param thereafter; SB 11.29.41-44
parām supreme; SB 11.31.14
parām transcendental; SB 11.31.28
param the supreme; SB 12.3.43
param to the supreme; SB 12.3.49
param to the transcendental spiritual kingdom; SB 12.3.51
param-tapa O subduer of the enemies; SB 12.4.35
param supreme; SB 12.5.11-12
param supreme; SB 12.6.7
param upon the Supreme; SB 12.6.9-10
param achieved; SB 12.6.30-31
param the supreme; SB 12.6.32
param great; SB 12.8.31
parām transcendental; SB 12.10.6
param other; SB 12.10.33
param supreme; SB 12.12.4
param supreme; SB 12.13.18
param supreme; SB 12.13.19
param the Supreme; SB 12.13.23
param another; CC Adi 1.3
param the supreme; CC Adi 1.53
param another; CC Adi 2.5
param supreme; CC Adi 2.95
pāram the limit; CC Adi 4.117
param other; CC Adi 4.155
param greater; CC Adi 4.184
parām which is superior energy; CC Adi 7.118
param transcendental; CC Adi 17.308
duranta-pāram the insurmountable; CC Madhya 3.6
parām transcendental; CC Madhya 6.165
parām transcendental; CC Madhya 8.65
pāram the limit; CC Madhya 8.190
param absolute; CC Madhya 8.266
param supreme; CC Madhya 9.29
param supreme; CC Madhya 9.30
param brahma the Absolute Truth; CC Madhya 9.31
pāram to the other side; CC Madhya 11.8
param distant; CC Madhya 11.8
param the most exalted; CC Madhya 11.31
param the supreme; CC Madhya 14.227
param brahma the Supreme Brahman, Absolute Truth; CC Madhya 19.96
param rūpam the supreme form; CC Madhya 19.101
param supreme; CC Madhya 19.106
param-brahma impersonal Brahman; CC Madhya 19.218
parām which is superior energy; CC Madhya 20.116
param supreme; CC Madhya 20.151
param to the transcendental, spiritual kingdom; CC Madhya 20.344
param absolute; CC Madhya 20.359
param-śabde by the word param, or supreme; CC Madhya 20.360
pāram limit; CC Madhya 21.13
param supreme; CC Madhya 21.100
param padam to the supreme position; CC Madhya 22.30
param supreme; CC Madhya 22.36
parām the supreme; CC Madhya 23.95-98
param the supreme; CC Madhya 24.76
puruṣam param the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 24.90
param padam to the supreme position; CC Madhya 24.131
parām transcendental; CC Madhya 24.132
param padam to the supreme position; CC Madhya 24.141
puruṣam param the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 24.197
param padam to the supreme position; CC Madhya 25.32
param more supreme; CC Madhya 25.36
param supreme; CC Madhya 25.39
param the supreme; CC Madhya 25.113
satyam param the supreme Absolute Truth; CC Madhya 25.147
param absolute; CC Madhya 25.148
parām transcendental; CC Madhya 25.155
param but afterwards; CC Antya 1.146
camatkṛti-param full of wonder; CC Antya 1.164
parām transcendental; CC Antya 5.48
ataḥ param here after; CC Antya 5.124-125
param supreme; CC Antya 6.314
param transcendental; CC Antya 20.12
parāt param the greatest of all; Bs 5.26
parām great; Bs 5.47
param the supreme; Bs 5.56
parām supreme; Bs 5.61
parāt param the Supreme Absolute Truth; MM 7
param supreme; MM 26
param supreme; MM 44