Canto 6: Prescribed Duties for MankindChapter 16: King Citraketu Meets the Supreme Lord

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 6.16.21

vacasy uparate 'prāpya

ya eko manasā saha

anāma-rūpaś cin-mātraḥ

so 'vyān naḥ sad-asat-paraḥ


vacasi — when the words; uparate — cease; aprāpya — not achieving the goal; yaḥHe who; ekaḥ — one without a second; manasā — the mind; saha — with; anāma — with no material name; rūpaḥ — or material form; cit-mātraḥ — totally spiritual; saḥHe; avyāt — may kindly protect; naḥ — us; sat-asat-paraḥ — who is the cause of all causes (the supreme cause).


The words and mind of the conditioned soul cannot approach the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for material names and forms are not applicable to the Lord, who is entirely spiritual, beyond the conception of gross and subtle forms. The impersonal Brahman is another of His forms. May He, by His pleasure, protect us.


The impersonal Brahman, which is the effulgence of the Lord, is described in this verse.

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