Canto 6: Prescribed Duties for MankindChapter 18: Diti Vows to Kill King Indra

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 6.18.52

dhauta-vāsā śucir nityaḿ


pūjayet prātarāśāt prāg

go-viprāñ śriyam acyutam


dhauta-vāsā — wearing washed cloth; śuciḥ — being purified; nityam — always; sarva-mańgala — with all auspicious items; saḿyutā — adorned; pūjayet — one should worship; prātaḥ-āśāt prāk — before breakfast; go-viprān — the cows and brāhmaṇas; śriyam — the goddess of fortune; acyutam — the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


Putting on washed clothing, being always pure and being adorned with turmeric, sandalwood pulp and other auspicious items, before breakfast one should worship the cows, the brāhmaṇas, the goddess of fortune and the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


If one is trained to honor and worship the cows and brāhmaṇas, he is actually civilized. The worship of the Supreme Lord is recommended, and the Lord is very fond of the cows and brāhmaṇas (namo brahmaṇya-devāya go-brāhmaṇa-hitāya ca). In other words, a civilization in which there is no respect for the cows and brāhmaṇas is condemned. One cannot become spiritually advanced without acquiring the brahminical qualifications and giving protection to cows. Cow protection insures sufficient food prepared with milk, which is needed for an advanced civilization. One should not pollute civilization by eating the flesh of cows. A civilization must do something progressive, and then it is an Āryan civilization. Instead of killing the cow to eat flesh, civilized men must prepare various milk products that will enhance the condition of society. If one follows the brahminical culture, he will become competent in Kṛṣṇa consciousness.

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