Canto 6: Prescribed Duties for MankindChapter 1: The History of the Life of Ajāmila

Bhaktivedanta VedaBase: Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 6.1.4-5


vaḿśas tac-caritāni ca





jyotiṣāḿ vivarāṇāḿ ca

yathedam asṛjad vibhuḥ


priyavrata — of Priyavrata; uttānapadoḥ — and of Uttānapāda; vaḿśaḥ — the dynasty; tat-caritāni — their characteristics; ca — also; dvīpa — different planets; varṣa — lands; samudra — oceans and seas; adri — mountains; nadī — rivers; udyāna — gardens; vanaspatīn — and trees; dharā-maṇḍala — of the planet earth; saḿsthānam — situation; bhāga — according to divisions; lakṣaṇa — different symptoms; mānataḥ — and measurements; jyotiṣām — of the sun and other luminaries; vivarāṇām — of the lower planetary systems; ca — and; yathāas; idam — this; asṛjat — created; vibhuḥ — the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


My dear lord, you have described the dynasties and characteristics of King Priyavrata and King Uttānapāda. The Supreme Personality of Godhead created this material world with various universes, planetary systems, planets and stars, with varied lands, seas, oceans, mountains, rivers, gardens and trees, all with different characteristics. These are divided among this planet earth, the luminaries in the sky and the lower planetary systems. You have very clearly described these planets and the living entities who live on them.


Here the words yathedam asṛjad vibhuḥ clearly indicate that the Supreme, the great, almighty Personality of Godhead, created this entire material world with its different varieties of planets, stars and so forth. Atheists try to conceal the hand of God, which is present in every creation, but they cannot explain how all these creations could come into existence without a competent intelligence and almighty power behind them. Simply to imagine or speculate is a waste of time. In Bhagavad-gītā (10.8), the Lord says, ahaḿ sarvasya prabhavo: "I am the origin of everything." Mattaḥ sarvaḿ pravartate: "whatever exists in the creation emanates from Me." Iti matvā bhajante māḿ budhā bhāva-samanvitāḥ: "When one fully understands that I create everything by My omnipotence, one becomes firmly situated in devotional service and fully surrenders at My lotus feet." Unfortunately, the unintelligent cannot immediately understand Kṛṣṇa's supremacy. Nonetheless, if they associate with devotees and read authorized books, they may gradually come to the proper understanding, although this may take many, many births. As Kṛṣṇa says in Bhagavad-gītā (7.19):

bahūnāḿ janmanām ante

jñānavān māḿ prapadyate

vāsudevaḥ sarvam iti

sa mahātmā sudurlabhaḥ

"After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare." Vāsudeva, Kṛṣṇa, is the creator of everything, and His energy is displayed in various ways. As explained in Bhagavad-gītā (7.4-5), a combination of the material energy (bhūmir āpo 'nalo vāyuḥ) and the spiritual energy, the living entity, exists in every creation. Therefore the same principle, the combination of the supreme spirit and the material elements, is the cause of the cosmic manifestation.

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